Friday, 24 January 2014

What to Drink During Pregnancy

pregnant woman drinking water
ma, you need a drink — of water that is. That age-old advice about drinking eight glasses of water a day is never more important than when you’re expecting. For starters, your baby’s body is mostly made up of fluids (just like yours), and will need more and more as your bundle grows. And, since baby-building is hard work, you’ll need to stay hydrated. But beyond keeping your little one healthy,drinking water during pregnancy opens up a whole world of benefits for moms-to-be: It will not only help rid both your bodies (yours and your baby’s) of toxins and waste, but it will also ease your pregnancy symptoms andprevent others from cropping up. For starters, filling up on fluids can relieve constipation and reduce excessive swelling (so yes, it will help you squeeze your feet back into your favorite pair of shoes). Plus, upping your water intake will lower your risk of urinary tract infections and preterm labor. And there’s a beauty benefit too 

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