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How To Eat Well & Lose Weight!

I’m sure that subject line looks contradictory. Well, to some people eating well may mean eating much. Truth is eating well means eating nutritious and healthy meals, and this can actually lead to weight loss.
The main reason why a lot of people gain weight is simply because they overeat. So we are going to attack the issue of weight loss from the way we eat. Have you heard the saying: “You are what you eat”, well that saying is true because what we eat defines what we are outwardly.
How do you eat well to lose weight?
Many people believe that the most effective way to lose weight is by counting the caloric value of each food consumed. Truth is calorie calculations are not always correct and one can easily lose track of this burdensome activity.
So I don’t count calories when it comes to food consumption, instead I look at food types.
The Easiest Way To Lose Weight
If you want a steady and natural way to lose weight, learn to cut down on portion sizes by 25%, and this includes all types of foods, except vegetables.
What do I mean by cutting down your food by 25%?
Let’s say your normal plate of food is a big plate of rice, vegetables, and fish. Now, if you divide the food by 4, one part of it is a quarter which is 25% of the entire plate of food.
This part, the quarter or 25% needs to be removed from the plate, while you consume the rest.
Now if you only take out the vegetables as the quarter of that food, then you are not really taking out 25% because vegetables are low in calories. However, if the food is properly mixed, and a quarter is removed, then that portion is valid.
To be able to do that, you need to learn to start eating your foods with smaller plates, smaller bowls, and smaller cups. And if you have kids at home, you also need to get them smaller plates for eating as well.
Children have lesser body mass, hence it will be unhealthy to give children food with the same plate size or food quantity for an adult.
A child may weigh 20kg, 30kg, or even 40Kg. But a healthy adult weighs between 65kg – 75kg and sometimes 80kg if the person is tall. So adults weight about 3 to 4 times the weight of children. So why on earth should children be served the same quantity of food that adults eat?
Anyone who does that is contributing to obesity in his/her family. So use smaller plates for your foods as well as for your children.
If you drink fruit juice, use a smaller cup to take it as well. Though I don’t recommend fruit juice unless they are purely natural. All the fruit juice that are parked in cans and bottles are refined sugar and hence are classified as junk foods.
When you eat lesser food, overtime without doing anything, you will notice that you are losing weight. To ensure you get satisfied and full when you eat less foods, ensure that you take your time to savour every bite or spoonful of food in your mouth. Chew slowly, and before you finish that smaller amount of food, your body will send a signal to your brain that you are full.
To accelerate weight loss, you need to expend more energy.
And that brings us to minding your activity levels.
What is your daily activity levels?
Let’s assume that on a normal week, you walk 30 minutes, three times in a week. If you now decide to walk for 30 minutes, 5 times in a week, you would have increased  your activity level per week.
For some people, they start seeing results after few weeks on this routine, for others, they don’t see a visible proof, but they feel lighter inside.
If you want to lose weight radically, and in a natural way, you need to add intensity exercises in your daily program, and eat little portions of only healthy Nigerian foods that are naturally fatburning.
You do not need to start counting calories to lose weight. Just eat lesser nutritious, healthy and fat-burning foods 5 times per day, and be more active and gradually, the weight will start falling off naturally.
If you want a radical way to get results faster, starting from a week, then The 4 week detox diet is a guide that has all the available fat-burning Nigerian foods with a comprehensive food time table and impressive but highly effective workouts that will help to trim a fat tummy, and burn all excess fats off your body.
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If you’re diabetic and still want to lose weight, then the reverse diabetic guide will be your solution.
When trying to lose weight, it’s always a better option to have a waiting attitude as you implement these tips and see them start working before long. If you are too desperate to lose those weight, then you may not be patient enough to see those weight drop off.
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