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3 Little Known Facts About the Health and Taste of Quail Eggs

what are paleo quail eggs?

Lately I’ve seen Quail Eggs everywhere!

They’re in recipes, on restaurant menus, in stores, and on Facebook. It’s like the world went quail egg crazy!
Are they healthier? Do they taste better? What is it???
So, I thought I’d cook them to see what all the fuss was about.
Along the way, I did some digging (on the internet) and found these 3 little known facts about Quail Eggs.

What are Quail Eggs?

paleo quail egg salad
So what’s so fascinating about them?

Here are my 3 little known facts about Quail Eggs

  1. Quail Eggs Taste Just Like Chicken Eggs! I feel like one of those people that think fish tastes just like chicken, but honestly, the difference in taste here is minimal!
    Quail eggs are a tad bit richer in taste (because they have a bigger yolk to white ratio than chicken eggs), but generally the taste isn’t too dissimilar from chicken eggs.
  2. Quail Eggs Are Barely Healthier than Chicken Eggs! Compared to chicken eggs, quail eggs are slightly healthier if you can muster up the energy to eat that many quail eggs (you’re probably burning a lot of extra calories peeling those things)!
    I looked at the nutritional data for 100g of quail eggs and 100g of chicken eggs (both raw), and quail eggs had slightly more fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. The difference isn’t huge, and you’d have to be eating a lot of quail eggs for it to begin to make a difference!
  3. Quail Eggs Are Cooked In The Same Ways As Chicken Eggs! You don’t need to fear cooking quail eggs if you can cook chicken eggs.
    You cook them in exactly the same ways. For example, you can scramble them, boil them, make omelets out of them, and if you’re really adventurous and have a lot of time to kill, you can even bake a cake using them instead of chicken eggs (usually 5-6 quail eggs replace 1 chicken egg)!
    However, cooking times will be different than for chicken eggs (especially when you’re boiling them) because they’re so small. I discuss some tips and times for boiling quail eggs here.
perfectly boiled quail eggs

So Why On Earth would You Eat Quail Eggs?

So far, I’ve basically told you that you shouldn’t bother eating quail eggs at all, and that’s pretty much my advice. So are there any situations where you might want to eat quail eggs?
Well…maybe a few:
  1. If you have lots of quail eggs available (e.g., you live on a quail farm or live next door to one!). I’m sure that applies to a lot of you!
  2. If you want something cute for a dinner party. For quail eggs, they’ve really only got their cute size going for them. Although it’s fairly common in countries like the Philippines or Vietnam, quail eggs are fairly uncommon in the US. This makes them great for when you have guests over and want to wow them with an extraordinary Paleo dish. As a disclosure, I did make a pretty quail egg salad, and the recipe for that.
So, do you eat quail eggs? Why do you eat them? Do you think they taste different to chicken eggs? Let me know in the comments below!

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