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Quail egg

We are constantly faced by the following Questions; 

  • "How do I know my Quail eggs are Fresh"?  
  • "How do I preserve my Quail eggs to keep them fresh"?
  • "How long do Quail eggs stay Fresh"?
This write-up intends to clarify some of these questions in no particular order, so I guess you might just have to read the whole thing through.
Well, we have put together this information from our existing customers' experience, our own experience and some addittional information we find as helpful from other literature materials freely available. We hope this will help you answer these questions too. 

We must say there is no definite answer to this particular question! wow!! diappointed? dont be, we will tell you why.
Firstly, a lot of factors must be considered before answering this question.
  1. "Were the Quail eggs straight from the farm, what was the source and date the eggs were laid, do you really know?".
  2. "What is the prevailing temperature at the time of trying to find out, is it HOT or is it COLD?"
  3. "What type of storage means is being used for the Quail eggs to determine there freshness duration?" etc.
These questions are endless, you know that, so let us skip the theatrics. 

The BEST form of storing Quail eggs is by REFRIGERATION, period!

So what do we do when there is no electricity or the power supply is epileptic? Hard luck! We will answer that question later.

Here are a few things you should know.

  • Refrigerated Quail eggs can last up to 5 or 6 weeks, when there is no temperature drop due to power failure. But we advice you use up your eggs within a month, before the maximum storage limit. You can put fresh Quail Eggs into the lower drawer of your refrigerator and just let them be.
  • Make sure the eggs you buy are not washed but must be neat, of course you do not want to put dirty Quail Eggs into your refrigerator. 
  • Ensure that you are buying fresh Quail Eggs from a reputable farm. Preferably, the eggs should be less than 3 days old. 

Quail eggs stored properly under the right conditions without a refrigerator can retain their shelf life for up to three(3) weeks. 
when the temperature is very low. 

To preserve your Quail eggs without the use of a refrigerator, you have to observe the following steps;
  • Collect neat eggs and remove all broken or cracked quail eggs,
  • Pack the eggs in paper Quail egg crates, if you have them, and stack them up to 5 tiers. You could use baskets or empty cartons to store the eggs.
  • Keep the Quail eggs in a cool dry place, preferably the temperature should not exceed 21 degrees celcius. 
  • The storage place should be airy but drought free.
  • Do not allow direct sunlight to reach the eggs.   
  • Avoid storing Quail eggs in plastic containers, especially when convered, as they will tend to go bad very fast.
It is really hard to predict the exact number of days your eggs have stayed if you are buying from someone else. That is why you must be sure the eggs are from a reputable farm. 
Nevertheless, there are simple tests you can carry out to determine if your Quail eggs are still fresh......

to be continued.....

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