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Tackle pile, sexual weakness with bitter leaf

Tackle pile, sexual weakness with bitter leaf 
By Seye Adeniyi 

RECTAL troubles are common with many people today due to many reasons, one of which is the type of diet we often eat. Pile or haemorrhoids are rectal troubles many men , children and women regularly complain about. 

Pile generally known, as jedijedi is so common that some infants on infant formula also experience it. Many medical practitioners have also been warning parents and guardians not to expose children to sweetened foods and junks or refined foods, hinging their arguments on the fact that many of these foods does not only increase blood sugar level but cause diabetes, but trigger pile and haemorrhoids (yodiyodi) in children. 

Also, adults that are fond of regularly eating sugary and fatty foods and most especially, soft drinks are also potential candidates of pile. Since most of our diets are carbohydrate-based and when broken down through the process of digestion produces sugar as its end product, regular consumption of sugary foods would have to be minimised. 

However, if pile is not treated with appropriate drugs on time, it could become severe, leading to chronic haemorrhoid. 

Pile or haemorrhoid is due to swelling or enlargement of veins that supply the rectal outlet of the body. Localised inflammation and bleeding, and also thrombosis in many cases often complicate this painful condition. 

People who suffer from constipation and other bowel disorders have been said to be more likely to develop haemorrhoids. Haemorrhoids could also be experienced during pregnancy and in children who are fed with infant formula early in life. It can also affect the liver and upper bowel in severe cases. 

External haemorrhoids can be seen because they actually lie outside the rectal junction, while internal haemorrhoid are soft and dark coloured and usually have irregular shape. 

If haemorrhoids are not treated on time, they become very large and may protrude through the anus. Anybody having it will experience serious difficulty when passing stool and it is usually accompanied with pains. 

Although pile may not be as dangerous as haemorrhoids, however one should do everything possible to avoid these unpleasant rectal problems. Some people’s pile and haemorrhoids have even gotten to a stage that they can hardly sit down for long without complaining of either waist or back pain. It is even a public embarrassment to some people. 

Haemorrhoids are also the most common cause of back pain and rectal bleeding. Symptoms of pile in children include pains in the lower abdomen and back, straining at stooling which sometimes may lead to the tearing of the rectum and stool containing blood stains. In adults, especially women, pile or serious haemorrhoids can cause severe back pain, hip or pelvic pain as well as difficulty in passing stool. Such a woman may not be able to sit down for a long period of time and could also cause some discomfort or unpleasant feelings prior or during menstruation. 

In adult male, pile or severe haemorrhoids may affect sexual activity, especially suppressing libido. It has been reported to cause weak penile erection, and premature or untimely ejaculation and to a certain extent affect sperm count. Severe pile or chronic haemorrhoids have also been linked with inability to father a child in some men. 

Alternative medical practitioners believe that it is not the best practice to embark on surgery to rectify chronic haemorrhoids, basing their arguments on the fact that many patients have lost their lives after having had a haemorrhoid surgery. They said some dangers or complications are attached to haemorrhoids surgery. 

Moreover, to tackle pile and haemorrhoids effectively in a natural way, what needs to be done is to prepare a natural cure with bitter leaves, tea bush (Lippia multiflora), basil leaves, popularly referred to as efinrin, Kamnafuru (syzygrium aromaticum) and the leaves of Jatropha curcas called Lapalapa pupa by the Yorubas. 

The therapy is prepared by cutting the washed leaves of these plants and their juices extracted. These plants can also be grinded or mashed together to bring out the juices. Then sieve the juice out and add Syzygrium aromaticum (Kamnafuru). 

Syzygrium aromaticum juice can also be extracted using the above method. Then cut into pieces Mimosacede or tetrapleura tetraptera known as Aidan among the Yorubas and allow the concoction to ferment together say for three days before taking orally. The dosage is three spoonfuls, which must be taken daily with warm water. 

Apart from tackling pile and haemorrhoids, Syzygrium aromaticum (kamnafuru) contains an active ingredient, which boosts libido in men. No wonder some people referred to it as “man power” drug. It is also used to treat severe headache.

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