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Can Diabetes Be Reversed?

Diabetes, when you hear that word, what comes to your mind?Diabetes Genes
Many people whom I have come across believe that Diabetes is caused by excess sugar in the body due to a lifestyle of consuming lots of junk foods especially foods very rich in refined sugars.
While these people may not be wrong in their definition, today, I’m going to discuss the meaning of the disease diabetes because I discovered that a good number of the people who bought The 4 Week Detox Diet actually have diabetes.
Moreover, if you are fat in anyway, the tendency of developing diabetes is high.
So if you are diabetic or you know anyone who is, or you are fat whether on the low or high side, this article will inform you how to make a diabetic person to possibly become normal again, I mean become non-diabetic. I’m sure you are surprised by that last statement.
Well, I will prove the above point shortly using the ideal situations that happen in the natural healing process of the body, but first things first…
What Is Diabetes?
People who have diabetes have an abnormal level of blood glucose in their body.
Let me explain.
When food is eaten, it is broken down into a sugar called glucose. This glucose substance is carried by the blood to cells all over the body. The body is naturally made to convert this substance called blood glucose into energy through the aid of a hormone called Insulin.
Insulin is produced by the pancreas. For people who have diabetes, their insulin level is very low or non existent. Meaning that all food taken and converted to glucose WILL NOT be able to be converted to energy since the hormone Insulin is needed to convert it to energy.
Because the insulin is not there to help with this conversion, there is always excess glucose in the blood stream. This condition is known as diabetes. A more common type of diabetes is Type 2 Diabetes.
That is the reason why diabetic patients are given products or drugs that will help the production of insulin so that the excess sugar or glucose in the body will be converted to energy.
However, recent research studies have discovered that people with diabetes can be cured or healed naturally without the use of insulin-inducing drugs.
Can Diabetes Be Reversed?
The answer to the above question is YES, Type 2 diabetes is completely reversible.
For that to happen, a diabetic person need to adopt a complete change of lifestyle. Unfortunately, that word scares the hell out of a lot of us. Because people simply DO NOT want change to happen because of the discomfort of getting out of the comfort zone.
Most times this “discomfort” or put properly, “The Pain” of change can be the only solution to fix our current problems.
Sure, I’m also affected, I fear change sometimes because there are things I do not want to do because I have to change. But not when it concerns life and death, because in as much as it is “Painful” to change because of the associated discomfort, the consequence of early death is worth fighting any pain of change.
To give you an illustration of how possible it is for the body to recover completely from Type 2 diabetes, you must understand that the body of every human is designed to heal itself when favourable conditions exist for this to happen.
For instance, if a bone is broken, you can not reverse that event. But if the bones is placed in a cast and the right condition is allowed, the broken bones heals and becomes strong again as if there was no accident of broken bones.
The more reason why people who have broken bones use POP (Plaster of Paris) to hold their bones together for a long period of time. Now the reason why the bones heal is because the ideal situation is provided which is the joining of the broken bones and allowing nature to do its work of natural healing.
Note that it is the natural ability of the body to heal itself that makes it possible for bones that are fractured/broken to heal when under a cast (POP), it is not the POP that heals the bone. The POP only provided an enabling and ideal environment to make healing possible.
The same thing applies in most health conditions, and Type 2 Diabetes is no different. You need to understand this principle.
It all boils down to natural cleansing. Taking drugs everyday will not do the miracle because what pills do beside introducing more toxins into the body is treat the symptoms without treating the cause of the problem.
You have to change what you do everyday. You must learn how to eat natural. The body has the healing power to cleanse itself everyday. But you must enable that condition that makes healing possible.
Enabling that condition can mean learning to detoxify your body 24/7, 365 days in a year. It’s not something you do in the month of April or for few weeks in a year, it’s something that must be done always, as long as you live.
If we learn how to eat natural, most of the illness we have today will never develop in the first place because there is simply no way for a disease to flourish in a body that is alkaline or cleansed.
There are several cases of people who once had diabetes and who later become normal again simply by eating a natural diet on a daily basis.
These people have gone ahead to live normal and long lives and in most cases have exceeded 90 years of age because they choose to accept the little “discomfort” that comes from the pain of change. This also applies when someone is trying to lose weight and live a healthy life thereafter.
We need to help the natural healing process of our bodies so that we can avoid
  • Hypertension
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Etc
The only way we can do that is by disciplining ourselves to make little changes on a daily basis. And to do that, we need to learn to FOCUS on how to eat High Quality Natural Foods and exercises that will restore the body’s condition to an ideal state of natural healing.
If you want to learn how to eat and exercise in that way, The 4 Week Detox DietWill help you reach that goal.
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