Sunday, 26 January 2014

Health Benefits of Bitter Kola

Bitter Kola grows in tropical regions of the world has great health benefits. It works well as a good antibacterial agent… if you eat something that might not be good… chew on Bitter Kola and you will be fine. Bitter Kola is also great for enhancing liver function and also for diarrhea and coughing. And some people feel it is very good for living a long healthy life — in some countries they give it to the elderly. It boosts the immune system and also works great for impotence. Bitter Kola is also good for glaucoma and new studies show it’s great for HIV and cancer… plus for detoxing the body of poisons. The leaves and seeds can be chewed on or it can be made into a tea. Most people hate bitter things but our body needs bitter that’s why we have bitter taste buds. Remember bitter creates alkaline in the body and sweet creates acid in the body. Eat more bitter and you will move towards alkalinity and better health.
Paul Haider – Master Herbali

bitter kola

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