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Health Benefits Of Papaya:

Apart from amazing skin care benefits, papaya is also useful when it comes to hair care. According to hair care professionals, the benefits of papaya for hair can be gained by eating the fruit regularly or by the regular use of hair care products containing papaya as its major ingredients. Papaya can also help in creating the volume by nourishing the hair shaft. Other papaya benefits for hair are listed below:
1. Rich in nutrients, papaya may help prevent balding, thus helping boost growth and strength of the hair. 
2. Papaya is also used for controlling dandruff.
3. Add papaya to your daily diet to help reduce hair thinning. Although no scientific evidence has been derived with this theory, but still many people have tried and found it worthy. Results may vary from individual to individual.
4. Papaya being rich in minerals, vitamins and enzymes also helps in removing the dirt, oil and chemical build up from the hair in a very safe way.
5. Papaya leaf extracts can be used as a conditioner for adding shine to dull, unruly and lifeless hair.
6. Using of papaya hair mask can result into thick, strong, shiny and healthy hair. 

How to Use:

This papaya hair mask will help you add thickness, strength and shine to your hair.
  • 1 cup diced ripe papaya
  • 1 cup diced ripe banana
  • 1 tbsp molasses
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 cup yogurt
  • Blend all the ingredients together thoroughly. Take care that no chunks remain after blending
  • Apply to damp hair
  • Cover with a plastic cap or shower cap
  • Allow it to stand for half an hour
  • Now wrap a towel around your cap to generate heat
  • Again leave it for another half an hour
  • Now wash your hair in your  regular way
  • It is optional to add your favorite deep conditioner to this recipe to get super soft hairs
Now that we have seen how Papaya is beneficial for the hair, lets discuss about the medicinal uses and how it helps cure many problems.

Health Benefits Of Papaya:

Papaya benefits are not just limited to skin and hair care. Several researches conducted on papaya also showed a lot of its medicinal properties. Many scientists have successfully concluded that papaya is beneficial for health related problems and some diseases too. Let’s find out what else papaya can do other than benefiting skin and hair.
1. Papaya acts as an antidote for hypertension. This is one of the most popular health benefits of papaya. The rich amount of potassium in papaya helps keeping the blood pressure in check along with improving the mental alertness.
2. Another of the most important papaya health benefit is that can help improve eyesight. Consuming 3 or more servings per day may keep your eyesight normal, along with improving and lowering the primary cause of vision loss in older adults.
3. Papaya also helps in boosting the immunity system of our body. The presence of Beta-carotene in papaya is required for the proper functioning and boosting of the immune system.
4. Papaya also prevents the body from recurrent ear infections, cold and flu.
5. Papaya also provides protection against heart diseases. As it is rich in nutrients too, it helps in preventing the oxidation of cholesterol, which helps preventing the cause of heart attacks or strokes.
6. Papaya can also heal external wounds. The pulp of this fruit can be applied directly on the wounds.
7. Papaya is also able to cure chronic ulcers on skins. All you need to do is to take papaya juice and mix some butter in it. Apply it on the affected area for quick drying and healing of long standing ulcers.
8. If one suffers from respiratory disorders like cough, bronchitis and breathlessness, then papaya can be helpful as it contains latex which is useful in the respiratory disorders.
9. Papaya despite being sweet in taste is also good for diabetic patients.
10. Papaya can also help you from cancer. Papaya’s fiber is able to bind to cancer-causing toxins in the colon, thus keeping them from harming healthy colon cells.
So we saw how papaya is good for health too. Till now we were talking about the papaya fruit, ripe papaya, mashed papaya and papaya peels. Now we will discuss about the benefits of its juice and also find out how it is helpful to us.
These are the numerous skin, hair and health benefits provided by papaya and its juice. Though the results are not instant, once they are achieved, they are permanent. Papaya indeed is a fruit of the angels, as it protects every possible body part and provides positive visible results.The uses of papaya are simple outstanding in number and efficac

Skin Benefits Of Papaya:

Papaya, which is rich in so many healthy components, is best for skin care as it promises and works to provide you with healthy and glowing skin.
1. Being a good source of Vitamin A and Papain, this fruit helps in removing dead skin cells along with breaking down the inactive proteins.
2. The best feature of papaya is its ‘Low Sodium Quality’, thus resulting in very little retention of water. In simple words it means, it helps you keep your skin hydrated.
3. Papaya is actually a wholesome fruit as it contains more Carotene when compared to other fruits like apple, custard apple, guava and plantains. Not being an expensive fruit, papaya is a common man’s fruit which is beneficial in many ways.
4. The application of finely grounded paste of raw papaya on the face for 25 minutes helps reduce those unwanted pimples and other embarrassing blemishes on the face.
5. Both, direct application and eating will help you achieve smooth, supple and soft skin.
6. Regular consumption or application of papaya also provides shine to the skin, which comes from within and is long lasting.
7. The mashed papaya can be used for treating the sore and cracked heels.
8. Papaya also acts as a natural skin exfoliator.
9. Application of papaya also helps in removing skin discoloration.
10. The peel of papaya can not only be used on the face, but it can also be used for whitening the legs.
11. The use of raw papaya helps you treating the ringworms as well. You just need to rub some slices of raw papaya on the ringworm patches and see reduced inflammation.
12. Papaya helps the skin by reducing the aging signs on the face.

7 Health Benefits Of Eating Pawpaw

Papaya Contains Antioxidants
One of the benefits of eating papaya is that it helps to prevent cancer. Papaya is a rich source of antioxidants that the body needs to fight against cancer-causing cells. Vitamin C, E and beta-carotenes are antioxidants that prevent all kinds of cancers. So adding a daily serving of papaya to your diet may lessen your risk of developing cancer.
Papaya is Used to Treat Digestive Disorders
Papaya is a great source of proteolytic enzymes that are very important in digesting food. The most important of these proteolytic enzymes found in papaya is papain. Papain breaks down proteins in food, allowing for better digestion. Papain is used in prescription of digestive enzymes to treat individuals with cystic fibrosisor pancreatic conditions; producing for them what the body cannot produce naturally. Eating papaya is also a benefit because papain taken orally treats less serious digestion disorders such as bloating and chronic indigestion. In these cases papain is extracted, dried and sold as tablets.
Papaya Boosts Male Virility
Another great benefit of papaya is to boost male virility. Papaya contains an enzyme called arginine which is known in the medically community to boost blood flow around the man-hood. Arginine boosts nitric acid in the body to relax the muscles surrounding the blood vessels tat supply the man-hood. These blood vessels then dilate and increase blood flow. A more concentrated form of arginine is used to treat erectile dysfunction.
Papaya Prevents Premature Aging
Many alternative medical practitioners believe that one of the benefits of papaya is to control premature aging. Papaya helps the body to properly digest food and when the body digests all the nutrients it needs, the body will remain vital for a long time.
Papaya is Used as a Cleanser
Taking a quarter pint (150ml) of papaya juice, cucumber juice and green bean juice in alternating hours for 12 hours can be a benefit to your colon. These juices work as potent natural cleansers when combined.
Papaya is also rich in fiber, which travels through the body and binds itself to cancer-causing toxins in the colon. The fiber in papaya flushes out the toxins in the colon and so one of the benefits of papaya is that it helps prevent colon cancer especially, due to its antioxidants and its fiber content.
Papaya Prevents Heart Attacks and Strokes
The antioxidants in papaya prevent cholesterol from oxidizing. When cholesterol becomes oxidized it forms plaque in the blood vessel walls that can eventually build up and cause a heart attack or stroke.
Also, fiber is known to lower cholesterol. The fiber in papaya converts a substance called homocysteine into harmless amino acids that the body can process, but without the breakdown, homocysteine can eventually damage blood vessel walls, causing strokes or heart attacks.
Papaya Treats Inflammation
Papain and chymopapain, protein-digestive enzymes found in papaya lowers inflammation and improve healing from burns. Papain breaks down the inactive proteins in the skin, removing dead tissue from burns. This benefits the body as it helps heal skin injuries, relieves psoriasis, removes warts, treats ringworms and cold sores.
Also vitamins C, E and beta carotenes are good at reducing inflammation and as such these nutrients are used to treat asthma, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis among many other inflammatory ailments.
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1. STOMACH ULCER:- Get some unripe pawpaw fruits and cut to pieces. Boil all (the seeds and cover included) in a pot with water. Filter out the boiled pawpaw after two days. Take half glass three times daily. Use only when it is warm.
2. IMPOTENCE:- Get whole unripe pawpaw into pieces, boil and take half glass (liquid only) two times daily.
3. ASTHMA:- Inhale smoke from dried pawpaw leaves during attack.
4. MALARIA:- Take half glass of infusion of yellow pawpaw leaves three times daily.
5. PILE:- Get some quantities of pawpaw roots, boil in a pot with water. Take half glass (liquid only) four times daily. Insert into the anus after each defecation mixture of dried powder pawpaw with Freshdew.
6. ULCER:- Cut some fruits of unripe pawpaw fruits. Soak in a clean water for few days and take half glass (liquid only) three times daily.
7. COUGH:- Chew and swallow the liquid from tender pawpaw roots every three hours.
8. JAUNDICE:- Infuse some quantities of unripe pawpaw fruits for few days. Take half glass (liquid only) three times daily.
9. EPILEPSY:- Grind dried pawpaw leaves into powder and mix with palm kernel oil or shell, butter. Use as body cream regularly.
10. CONVULSION:- Use as stated above for epilepsy.
11. WORM:- Chew a handful of ripe pawpaw seeds on empty stomach in the morning to kill and expel any worm in the stomach.
12. IRREGULAR MENSTRUATION:- Grind dried pawpaw seeds and mix with lemon juice. Take quarter glass two times daily.
13. TUBERCULOSIS:- Chew and swallow a handful of ripe pawpaw seeds with garlic two times daily and mixture of ginger and bitter kola in a bottle of honey. Take a table spoonful morning and evening.
14. STOMACHACHE:- Mix equal quantities of white juice of unripe pawpaw and honey. Dilute two spoonful in a glass of water two to three times daily.
15. CONSTIPATION:- Squeeze a handful of pawpaw leaves in a glass of water and take for quick relieve.

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Re: Can bitter Kola prevent or cure Ebola virus Reply by Femi on Saturday August 9, 2014 at 8:29:18:
It is still officially a rumour. There is still no concluded medical research on the claim.

Re: Can bitter Kola prevent or cure Ebola virus Reply by Chuks on Saturday August 9, 2014 at 8:30:29:
Bitter Kola does have antiviral properties and it's said to be useful in helping the body fight off viruses such as HIV and Ebola. It can be helpful as far as I know. Bitter Kola is God's gift to Africa

Re: Can bitter Kola prevent or cure Ebola virus Reply by Emeka Chidi on Saturday August 9, 2014 at 8:31:25:
Well, while we wait for Oyibos or Nigerian Medical Association to find a cure or vaccine for Ebola, I think eating one bitter Kola a day will not kill you. It can prolong your life. Our forefathers ate it and lived long

Re: Can bitter Kola prevent or cure Ebola virus Reply by Doris on Saturday August 9, 2014 at 8:33:6:
I also heard that too but Nigerian doctors are just dismissing it. There is even another one that says we should use salt an water to bathe. Anyway, I think there is defnitely a local fruit or plant that can be used to fight off Ebola and HIV. The only thing is that these Doctors wey go school don't want to go out of business and so will never recommend you using Bitter Kola. It might actually be the best medicine for it for now

Re: Can bitter Kola prevent or cure Ebola virus Reply by Eze on Saturday August 9, 2014 at 8:34:34:
Yes O. No sensible Doctor that went to school will eve recommend that you eat bitter Kola instead they will refine it and after packing it in a tablet, they'll then tell you to buy it from them. They don't want to go out of business. Go to the village and traditional doctors will tell you that it's the best thing you can eat for now to prevent Ebola.

Re: Can bitter Kola prevent or cure Ebola virus Reply by Emem Udoh on Saturday August 9, 2014 at 8:37:26:
My Grandmother ate bitter Kola every time and was hardly ever sick. I think I will start eating it too since our Doctors and Oyibo people sef don't want to provide a cure for us yet.

Re: Can bitter Kola prevent or cure Ebola virus Reply by Hassan Garba on Saturday August 9, 2014 at 8:44:13:
No one will dispute the fact that Bitter Kola can help in the fight but it may not be a total cure. I think Bitter Kola will at least make your body have more power to fight the Virus and this is basically the same thing most Ebola trial drugs we have are currently doing.

Re: Can bitter Kola prevent or cure Ebola virus Reply by Ahmed on Saturday August 9, 2014 at 9:16:1:
I think it can help prevent Ebola since it normally helps in boosting one's immune system. Bitter kola is an antibacterial and antiviral fruit.

Re: Can bitter Kola prevent or cure Ebola virus Reply by Opara on Saturday August 9, 2014 at 13:37:23:
Bitter Kola is really medicinal. I hear it also helps in preventing malaria as well as helps in reducing blood pressure

Re: Can bitter Kola prevent or cure Ebola virus Reply by Segun on Saturday August 9, 2014 at 13:38:36:
If you people now claim that Bitter Kola can treat Ebola, it will only increase the price price of bitter Kola in the market. So keep quiet pls.

Re: Can bitter Kola prevent or cure Ebola virus Reply by Grace Amaka on Saturday August 9, 2014 at 13:40:7:
I know that God will never send any sickness to us if he had not already provided a cure for it in the forest and that's why we need to stop deforestation. Imagine what would have been happening if Bitter Kola trees were to become extinct. We need to keep our country green.

Re: Can bitter Kola prevent or cure Ebola virus Reply by Charles on Saturday August 9, 2014 at 13:40:42:
Wow! Bitter Kola really can do many things. I wish I can eat it all the time but it's so bitter.


Health Benefits Of Bitter Kola: A Very Powerful Body Detoxiffyer..

Bitter Kola also known as Garcinia kola is a tropical flowering plant found in western and central Africa and it produces brown, nut-like seeds. It has been used in African culture for centuries for both traditional and medicinal purposes. It contains dimeric flavonoid, lipase inhibitor which is believed to have many healing benefits.

Cultural and Traditional Uses

Bitter Kola is a masticatory used in traditional hospitality, cultural and social Ceremonies such as naming ceremonies and weddings. 

Medicinal Significance

Garcinia kola is used in many tropical countries to fight infectious diseases such as Aids and the Ebola virus. It has shown to posses anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral properties.

Cold Remedy

Garcinia kola is often used to treat the symptoms of colds. It is particularly very effective for coughs, nasal congestions and help coagulate phlegm. It is also effective in alleviating sore throat.


Garcinia kola, is sometimes believed to cure impotence. It increases blood flow to the genital area in men who have hardening of the arteries.

Knee Osteoarthritis

Garcinia kola has been successfully used to treat patients suffering from knee 

osteoarthritis. It reduced pain and swelling and improved movement.



A research group is to push emergency studies into a treatment for Ebola, more than 15 years after initial laboratory tests showed bitter kola had antiviral effects that could work against Ebola virus.
The Treatment Research Group for Ebola Disease comes after renewed interest in a 1999 work by Maurice Iwu, a professor of ethnophamacology, which claimed certain chemicals called flavinoids contained in bitter kola had anti-viral properties.
Research by Iwu, who is in the group, focused on tests in-vitro (in test tubes in laboratories), but never made it to in-vivo (human testing) and remained inconclusive.
But it has regained interest among Nigeria’s scientific community in the wake of Ebola—a virus similar to the flu-causing viruses that bitter kola extracts work against.
“In-vitro tests showed some activity against the virus,” said health minister Onyebuchi Chukwu.
But he said there’s been “no scientific evidence that the use of bitter kola will also prevent or cure Ebola.”
The research group, co-chaired by the heads of pharmaceutical and medical research, will take in and hope to verify claims relating to the use of bitter kola to treat diseases.
The plant is among local remedies many have taken to treat ailments as flu.
The group will also investigate the claims contained in Iwu’s uncompleted work from 1999, in addition to related research into Ebola and bitter kola around the world.
Over time, it will advise government on Ebola but its research will have ‘no limit,” said Chukwu.
“They will continue [research] until they produce several results.”
The group will approach its research into Ebola from three angles, said Dr co-chair Karniyus Gamaniel, director-general of National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development Council.
It will hope to “detect and monitor” how the virus resolves, monitor “clinical manifestations” along with how conditions resolve, and check on immunity—the ability of the body to resist the effect of the virus.
“We think we are capable. We have the competent virology lab and virology staff to do this,” Gamaniel said.
Co-chair Dr Innocent Ujah, director-general of Nigeria Institute for Medical Research, said the group, which went into its first meeting immediately after it was inaugurated in Abuja, will be briefing the country on its progress in time.


First 10 ways to cure Ebola virus, with bitter kola

Ebola Virus disease as of today has no cure. Here are some few tips that can help protect you and your family from the Deadly Virus. 1. Avoid bush meat or any meat you are not sure of its source. 2. Wash your hands frequently with detergent or soad using clean water. 3. Avoid trips to Ebola endemic countries (DR CONGO, UGANDA, GABON, LIBERIA, SUDAN etc). 4. Get a hand sanitizer for people to use in your office and educate them on the importance of sanitizers. Get one for your kids to use in school frequently and if possible for their class. 5. Avoid buying Food stuffs, Clothing or other personal materials from Markets/Shops that share the same vicinity with live or roasted bush meat, dealer’s or sellers. 6. Be careful with hands when using railings on the stairs, door knobs and other utilities used by the public. 7. Gloves and other appropriate protective clothing should be worn when handling sick animals or their tissues. 8. Watch out for people with flu-like symptoms and sudden fever. 9. Avoid Pig farms, Pig farms in Africa play a role in the amplification of infection because of the presence of fruits bats on these farms. 10. Avoid bat meats and bat products. Lastly, stop eating in restaurants you are not sure how they prepared their food for now. You don’t know if the food handlers are sick or washed their hands or even washed the plates well. Boil all water before drinking and wash your


These are some ways in which coconut oil is useful:

1. Care for our cuticles.

Treat dry, flaky cuticles by rubbing coconut oil into your nail beds. Use your fingers to massage some oil into the area—it’ll moisturize your hands in the process!

2. Treat your tresses to some TLC.

Store-bought hair conditioning treatments can get pretty pricy and are often made with some sketchy toxic ingredients. Enter: coconut oil. Beauty experts say the fatty acids in coconut oil will soften your strands. One way to use it: Whip up an at-home hair mask, like this coconut oil and honey concoction, coat your hair, throw it up into a bun, let it sit for up to 40 minutes, and then rinse it out in the shower.
Bonus: You can also use coconut oil on its own to prevent the ends of your hair from drying out. Just rub some onto the tips of your hair, and then shampoo as you regularly would to keep your strands shiny, healthy, and hydrated.

3. Use it as a frizz-fighter and flyaway-tamer.

Spread a tiny bit (apply sparingly—unless, of course, you dig greasy-looking hair) of coconut oil into trouble areas. The natural oils actually repel moisture, which is the culprit behind misbehaving hair.

4. Go for the glow.

To brighten up lackluster skin, combine coconut oil with baking soda, which is a superstar exfoliant. Just mix a little bit of the two together, gently rub into your skin in circular motions, and then rinse.

5. Whip up an at-home face mask.

Another combo for a better complexion? Coconut oil and honey. Mix the two for a hydrating, antibacterial face mask. Leave it on for about 15 minutes, and then rinse.

6. Nourish your lips.

Thanks to extreme weather, our lips sometimes need a little extra TLC to keep them soft and smooth. Slough off any dry, flaky skin with a DIY coconut-oil-and-brown-sugar lip scrub. Plus, who needs Chapstick when you’ve got coconut oil on hand? Just smooth some on your lips for instant hydration. It’ll look a little glossy, so let it sink in for a few minutes if you want a more matte look.

7. Buff your skin.

Speaking of scrubs, coconut oil is a fantastic ingredient for DIY body scrub. Just mix it up with brown sugar or salt, and add a drop or two of the essential oil of your choice for a gentle but effective exfoliating scrub.

8. Make bath time better.

Add a generous scoop of coconut oil to a bath to (literally) soak in its moisturizing benefits. Make bath time even better by throwing in some Epsom salts (they helpsoothe muscles and beat bloating) and your favorite essential oils.

9. Tint your lips.

Anyone who’s ever used lipstick is familiar with how frustrating it is when you’re down to that last, hard-to-access bit of lip color left in the applicator. Instead of tossing the tube, scoop out the remaining product and melt it together with coconut oil for a homemade tinted lip balm.

10. Remove your makeup.

One beauty editor’s secret: Use coconut oil to remove heavy makeup. Just rub a scoop of the stuff into your skin, leave it on for a few minutes, and wipe it all off with a warm cloth. Plus, this trick works on even the most stubborn eye makeup (we’re looking at you, waterproof mascara). Just apply some coconut oil to a cotton makeup pad and gently wipe off any product.

11. Moisturize your skin.

To keep your skin soft and supple, swap out your regular moisturizer for coconut oil. Don’t worry—it sinks in pretty quickly and will leave your skin feeling baby-soft.

12. Swap out your shaving cream.

Coconut oil is actually a great way to get a close shave and hydrate your skin in the process. Plus, it’s especially good for people with sensitive skin. If you’re in a DIY mood, you can even make your own shaving cream with it.

13. Clean your makeup brushes.

Just about every beauty and skincare expert stresses how important it is to keep your makeup brushes as bacteria-free as possible—for the ones you use daily, that meanscleaning them once a week. Mix antibacterial dish soap with coconut oil (which also has antibacterial properties and will help condition the bristles) and give your brushes a good cleaning. Check out this guide for the step-by-step.    

14. Improve your acne.

Real talk: Breakouts are always a bummer. To help minimize acne-related inflammation, experts recommend using coconut oil, which will also combat redness and irritation. Cleanse your face as you regularly would, and then apply a thin layer of oil (which will also moisturize your skin—see No. 11) to your skin. (Protip: If you’re doing this before bed, let it sink in so that excess oil doesn’t mess with your bedding.)

15. Smooth your skin.  

Creams that boast anti-aging properties usually come with a pretty shocking price tag. Luckily, coconut oil can minimize the appearance of wrinkles. This totally works for the delicate skin around your eyes, too. Feel free to gently pat some coconut oil onto the area with your ring finger.

16. Improve scalp health.

Massage coconut oil into your scalp to fight dandruff. Get ready to bid adieu to those pesky flakes!

17. Soothe sunburns.

If you’ve spent too much time in the sun (and have the lobster-like appearance to prove it), use coconut oil for burn relief. It’ll calm your skin and moisturize it to help minimize peeling.

18. Quiet down eczema flare-ups.

Because it’s both a moisturizer and an anti-inflammatory, coconut oil can help calm itchy and irritated skin related to eczema.

19. Make your own massage oil.

It’s no secret that massages in the spa feel awesome. The ambience, the pampering, and the oils, oh my! Though it might be hard to set up the same Zen-like atmosphere at home, you can definitely get in on the massage oils, no appointment necessary. Just warm up some coconut oil (and maybe add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil) and get massaging.

20. Banish B.O.

Smooth some coconut oil on your armpits. The lauric acid can help kill the bacteria that causes stinky sweat. But be warned: Some experts believe it may not be powerful enough to be your sole method for deodorizing your pits.   

21. Polish your pearly whites.

If you’re looking for a natural alternative to regular toothpaste, try going the DIY route.Your plan: Mix coconut oil with baking soda until it’s pasty enough to spread on a toothbrush.

22. Soften and deodorize your feet.

Between working out and running around, our feet get a beating on a day-to-day basis. Before bed, soften cracked, rough skin and calluses by exfoliating your feet and then applying a generous layer of coconut oil. Since it has natural antibacterial properties, it’ll deodorize as it softens. Then slip on some socks to wake up with much smoother, better smelling soles.   
Bonus: To enhance its benefits, add a drop or two of tea tree oil to the mix and apply both before bed and throughout the day. Treating your feet to this combo not only keeps stinky smells at bay, but may also help treat athlete’s foot.

23. Enhance your eyelashes.

Similar to the way it can help strengthen your head of hair, coconut oil can also help strengthen lashes—and that’s especially good news considering it’s all too easy to damage those short hairs. Just apply some oil to a cotton swab and spread it onto your lashes before going to bed.  

24. Wax on, wax off!

If your hair removal routine involves at-home waxing, use coconut oil to remove excess wax from your skin—or from any surfaces in your waxing workspace. Just smooth some of the oil onto any area that’s still sticky, and then wipe it off with a warm washcloth.

These are some ways in which coconut oil is useful:

1. Moisturizer
Slather it on your face morning and night for some luscious treatment. It feels a bit greasy at first, but is quickly absorbed, leaving skin soft and supple. Use it on dry skin, chapped lips, and kids’ rosy cheeks.
2. Whipped lotion
Whip 2 cups of coconut oil (or half shea butter) in a stand mixer until soft and fluffy. Add essential oil, if desired. Scoop into a container. The oil will not harden.
3. Face wash and makeup remover
If you’re into the oil cleansing method, coconut oil is great for cleaning. Rub a bit between your hands until it softens or melts (its melting point is 76 F/24 C), then rub all over your face. Wipe away with a hot washcloth.
4. Ultimate hair product
Work a small amount into your hair to tame it and produces well-defined waves and curls without greasiness. Do an overnight deep-condition.
5. Luscious massage oil
There’s no need to invest in expensive massage oil when coconut oil does just as good a job. Soften between your hands before using.
6. Spot and stain remover
Rub a piece of coconut oil into a spot on upholstery or a carpet, and it will loosen the stain or item. You can mix with baking soda to make an effective stain remover. (This same baking soda-coconut oil mixture makes a good whitening toothpaste.)
7. Diaper and nipple cream
Apply it to your baby’s bottom for moisturizing and antibacterial treatment. If you’re nursing, use it in place of lanolin to treat sore nipples.
8. Sweetener and whitener for coffee and tea

9. Natural shaving cream
10. Oil pulling
Good for oral health. Swish some coconut oil around your mouth for 15 minutes in the morning to 'pull' bacteria out of your mouth. Spit and rinse with water.
11. Medicinal uses
Coconut oil helps yeast infections, vaginal dryness, ear infections, cold sores, nosebleeds, rashes, and bug bites.
12. Household uses

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Uses for Coconut Oil

Cooking and Eating
1) Cooking at High Heat - Some oils are unsafe to cook with at high temperatures, coconut oil is a great alternative. Check out our Guide to Cooking Oils to find  healthy cooking oils for whatever meal you are creating.
2) On Toast Instead of Butter - Simply use coconut oil instead of butter on your toast.
3) Eat it by the Spoonful - Coconut oil is that delicious and healthful. Enjoy one spoonful each morning.
4) Smoothies - Add one tablespoon of coconut oil into your favorite smoothie recipe and increase your energy with the oil's MCTs. Check out this post for the Top Smoothie Ingredients.
5) Fry Eggs - Lightly coat the bottom of your skillet with coconut oil to create a non-stick surface and delicious eggs.
6) Popping Popcorn - A sweet twist on a classic snack! To make stovetop popcorn, you need a heavy-bottomed pan. First, add the coconut oil and popcorn to the pot. Coat the area of the pot with the oil, and use just enough popcorn to make a single layer over the bottom of the pot. Give the pot a little shake to make sure all of the kernels are coated with oil. Next, place the pot over medium heat. Put the lid on the pot, leaving it slightly open so that steam can escape. It should take about five minutes for the popcorn to pop completely.
7) Popcorn Topping - Instead of butter, melt a little coconut oil and pour it over your popped popcorn. Then sprinkle lightly with Himalayan crystal salt.
8) Oven Baked Sweet Potato Chips - Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Thinly slice sweet potatoes to about 1/8” thick.  Place slices on a baking sheet and brush lightly with coconut oil. Bake for about 15 minutes or until chips are lightly brown.  Add salt to taste, and serve with salsa or dip. (Or just eat them plain – either way they’re delicious!)
9) Replace Vegetable Oil for Baking - Next time you make your favorite brownie recipe, replace the vegetable oil with coconut oil. Your friends will be begging you for the recipe.
10) Pan Frying - Next time you fry up a batch of sweet potato fries or a piece of chicken, use coconut oil.
11) Grilled Cheese with Coconut Oil - No need for butter the next time you are making a grilled cheese sandwich. 
12) Coconut Oil Coffee - Adding a spoonful to your coffee is a delicious way to start your day with a huge energy boost! Here is a great recipe for coconut oil coffee.
13) Homemade Granola - Check out this delicious recipe for coconut granola.
14) A Spoonful in Tea - Allow some coconut oil to melt and mildly flavor your next cup of tea. 
15) Salad Dressings - A simple recipe for a salad dressing with coconut oil can be found here.
diy coconut oil recipesCoconut Oil Skin Care and Beauty
16) Cheekbone Highlighter - Apply a small amount on cheekbones over makeup.
17) Shaving Lotion - Close shave and a moisturizer at the same time.
18) Facial Scrub - Combine coconut oil with Himalayan crystal salt and apply to face each night. Washing it off is optional.
19) Body Scrub - Combine coconut oil and sugar. Check out this DIY Sugar Scrub recipe.
20) Makeup Remover - Healthier, stronger and longer eye lashes are just a bonus!
21) Homemade Deodorant - You only need a few ingredients in addition to coconut oil to make this simple deodorant recipe.
22) Homemade Lip Balm or Lip Gloss - Apply directly or create a flavored version with this simple lip balm recipe.
23) Diaper Rash Cream - Apply regularly to the baby's bottom to improve skin health.
24) Sexual Lubricant - Our Facebook fans swear by this one :)
25) Stretch Mark Preventer During Pregnancy - This safe, healthy oil can be applied multiple times each day to help moisturize your stretching skin.
26) Nipple Cream During Breastfeeding - Coconut oil is a popular choice for nursing mothers because it is a natural safe product.
27) Massage Oil - Coconut oil is the perfect choice for a massage oil. Not too greasy and with a relaxing scent.
28) Body Moisturizer - Apply directly after showering. 
29) Fade Age Spots - Rub on hands or other areas daily.
30) Sunburn Care - A great moisturizer to use after you've gotten a bit too much sun.
31) Facial Moisturizer - After you wash your face, massage a light layer on your skin.
32) Mix in Bath Water - Melt about 1/4 cup in the microwave and add it to your bath water and soak.
33) Tanning Oil - Put in a spray bottle and bring to beach. Spray on to keep skin moisturized.
34) Dry Feet Treatment - Mix with salt to form a foot scrub.
35) Elbow Rub - Helps manage the dry skin on your elbows.


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