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This powerful tool will provide you with a straight-lined approach to understand and live what it means to have a health and stress-free life.

With this Be Healthy And Relax Insider’s guide, you will learn, step by step, everything from the basics of your physical health to finding your inner peace so you can learn to manage and eliminate stress for good! 

"This Book Will Show You How to Eliminate Your Stress and Take Control of Your Health With SIMPLE Tweaks That You Can Make Today, Even If You Are Overweight, Stressed Out, and Feel That You Have No Time To Workout!"


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How many times do you remember the ache of frustration because you started a diet that you couldn’t stick with? How often did you see friends getting fantastic results from the same exercise schedule that you found impossible to bend your life around? And think of that someone you know whose very life depends on a few simple changes that they just can’t seem to make.

It’s heart wrenching if you stop to think too long.

And the worst part: you probably think it’s your fault, or that your loved one just doesn’t care enough. The truth is, there’s a powerful force that puts us on a PATH that we simply can’t break away from unless we understand what’s at work.
I’m like you. I think about my health. Am I too fat? Is my cholesterol too high? As I age, will I suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s? And when something feel’s wrong, should I go see the doctor and even if I do, will I trust his or her judgment?
The way I answer these questions is influenced in a way I didn’t expect when I started my research 30 years ago. Not too long into my work, I had just had my third daughter and as I watched all three grow, I could see how each one developed a different attitude about their health. One cared only when she become noticeably ill and never took an interest in exercise. My second daughter couldn’t sit still, took up running, gymnastics, resistance training and paid attention to her diet. And my oldest daughter just didn’t seem to think about it all.
Now, as I watch my grandchildren, I see the same patterns emerging with each, but this time…

I understand the forces that shape our health.

And now with my family, even my 80 year old mother, I can help them to shape their path to lifelong health and wellness. The problem we’re facing today is that.
No one else understands these principles.
Pattern of Health is a groundbreaking look at these forces and reveals how health related behaviors are linked. Pattern of Health demonstrates that when it comes to exercise, diet, medical care, and overall health outcomes, we may not be as uniquely individual as we thought all along.
Why does one person struggle to adhere to an exercise routine while another finds it second nature?
Why does one individual avoid planning about health issues while another is almost obsessive about researching health?
Are our innate health-related behaviors set in stone, or do they adapt as age and circumstances change?

Is it possible to change these behaviors?

I studied the answers to these questions for most of my adult life and discovered something suprising.
Most people fall into one of nine patterns that pre-determines how they’ll feel about vigorous exercise, diet, medical help and other health-related behaviors.
And when it comes to health outcomes, these patterns show us the answer to some of the most important questions facing our world today:
Are you more likely to develop heart disease or hypertension?
Will you suffer back or joint pain?
How predisposed toward mental illness are you?
Let me show you your pattern and you’ll find your answer.

Learn what drives your health-related behaviors,with PATH

The concept I developed is called Patterns of Adapting To Health or PATHTM for short. PATH is invaluable to understanding your own health related behaviors. Once you know which PATH is yours, you can more easily see which behaviors are easiest or most difficult to change. It’s also a priceless tool that gives healthcare practitioners critical insight into their patients, to help them talk to patients in ways that will resonate and most likely spur change.
PATH gives you everything you need to assess yourself and find your innate patterns.
You’ll also learn how your pattern can change as you age. And you’ll find out how you can alter your PATH, to adjust your behavior toward a PATH with better heath outcomes.
PATH explores behaviors such as:
  • Avoiding or seeking vigorous exercise 
  • Avoiding or seeking nutritional information
  • Involvement in family health
  • Health information seeking
  • Openness to alternative versus tradition medicine
  • Health risk factors for each pattern
  • Projected health costs expected for each pattern

The knowledge you need to disrupt negative behaviors

In many ways, PATH works like any other map. Simply put, you can’t devise a plan for reaching a destination without knowing your starting point. The PATH book gives you everything you need to determine your health pattern so you know your starting point. Chances are, you’ll recognize yourself in one of the nine PATHs before even completing the questionnaire. And once you know which PATH is yours, you’ll find it far easier to see your strengths and weaknesses to change health behaviors for the better. PATH gives you the self-awareness you need to disrupt negative behaviors and reinforce those that are positive.
With PATH, you’ll learn:
  • Which group has the highest overall health outcomes, yet surprisingly, the highest alcohol consumption
  • How your gender and age influences your PATH
  • Which group avoids healthcare until it’s too late
  • Which groups have the highest and lowest healthcare costs—and why it’s not necessarily the healthiest group
  • Which health-related habits are the toughest to disrupt
  • The geographical connection to PATH
  • Reliable and scalable connections between health behaviors and long-term outcomes

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God’s Health Laws


The Holy Grail Of Health: Gods Health Laws

Image result for The Holy Grail Of Health: God's Health Laws
Image result for The Holy Grail Of Health: God's Health Laws

If all these diets we hear about in the media really worked then we would’ve solved our obesity problem and why are there so many diets out there? Even to this day, we still hear new authors writing books and preaching the gospel of a new diet on TV talk shows, trying to convince us that they have found the Holy Grail that is going to work on everyone if they follow their diet plan. Then after a while…You never hear from them anymore…I WONDER WHY? Maybe cause their diet plan doesn’t work?
The market realized it was a scam or a fad and simply dropped it. This happens every year beloved, stop chasing these stupid diets that deprive you of critical nutrition that your body needs. And let’s not mention the increased chance of you getting a disease through these fly by night diets!
Ya, I could sit here and write about the pros and cons of the Jenny Craig diet, Weight Watchers diet plan, low fat diet, low calorie diet, low carb diet and the Atkins diet just to name a few. But why would I waste your precious time and even more confuse you on what’s right and what is wrong? The truth about all these diets is that they all contradict themselves on different key points and elements.
NONE of them have all the real answers of how to properly fuel this body and make it work properly. They may have a certain point right but the rest is all wrong, or they may even come close having most points right but fail you on some other key points that are critical for you in avoiding disease. Hence we have confusion and no real solution to our chronic obesity problem in North America and diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes that kill millions each year, all caused by our bad eating habits.


There are multitudes of human beings who are afflicted with various degrees of problems in their waking life because they have had a sexual encounter or more in their dream with a spirit spouse.

Oftentimes, the people involved in such spiritual sexual encounters and relationships or marriages are not even aware they have a spirit spouse who is usually so jealous and spoils things for the actual physical/human spouse. This kind of problem has no boundaries as it affects even legally married human couples where the human wife experiences several miscarriages and sometimes actual barrenness alongside financial problems and business failures on the part of the human husband.

More often than not, it turns out that the Incubus (Male sex demon) or the Succubus (Female sex demon) was actually 'invited', though unknowingly and indirectly, by the victim through careless daily, yet spiritual, habits and ignorance.

As an individual, you may suspect that you (or your spouse) have been having issues with spirit entities disturbing you or sexually harassing you in your dream and you wonder why and how to stop such encounters, well, you are certainly not alone on this.

If both yourself and/or your spouse are 'affected' (I prefer to use the word 'infected'), you need the WORD of God in your lives to deliver you from this so called spirit parasite that has invaded your finances (and other areas, most likely).

This issue should not be taken lightly and you should both go for spiritual deliverance in a good church/place of worship as soon as possible.

From what I do as a man of God, and from shared experiences of various people (young and old) I have interacted with, it is clear that the issue of spirit husband or spirit wife is one that is killing a lot of human couples silently (and matured over-ripe singles too) and the terrible thing is, they don't even know what is eating them up!

Knowledge is power. when you know what you are up against, it becomes easier to fight back and of course win the battle.

So then, let us talk about the nitty gritty of spirit sexual encounters so you can break free:

I shall be focusing attention directly on the human female victim suffering from an Incubus (male sex demon) attack, hence, my reference to lady/female/woman/wife below.
If you are a man and a victim of a Succubus (female Sex demon) just replace the references with the appropriate words for a man instead.

Now, at this point I'd like to point your attention to certain issues of interest aimed at quickly getting to the root of the current challenges and problems in your waking life, arising from the issue of sexual encounters in your dream.

One of the various things that attract a spirit husband or spirit wife to a human being is 'sexual appeal'. Beauty or handsomeness goes a long way to define a person's sexual appeal.
The prettier a lady is, the higher her tendency to attract more male admirers especially if she is fair skinned without blemishes.
The Holy Bible states that in the biblical days of Noah, that even the Angels of God in Heaven couldn't resist the beauty of human maidens on earth as they came down to choose wives for themselves. Read the interesting story in the book of Genesis, chapter 6.

If as a lady, you have sexual encounters in your dream with spirit entities, it is partly bacause you are no doubt a pretty lady whose youthful beauty is appealing to the eyes and who is also elegant in appearance.

Your attractiveness has one way or the other attracted to you various human male friends who appreciate your natural beauty and allure as a young lady and now, just like a magnet, it has also attracted non-human male entities (SPIRIT BEINGS) to you!

Unfortunately, unlike in human male-female relationships where the man seeks your consent to go out with him or to have sex with him or not, sex demons/spirit beings don't seek your consent to be their spouse and they force themselves on you (when your defences are weak and you are fast asleep)!
How unfair, did I hear you say?

This attractiveness of yours has not only attracted human male friends, admirers or lover(s) to you but appears to have also invited someone else (spirit lover/husband) or better yet, something else (demonic entity) which is problematic, into your life.

You have attracted what is called an Incubus - an entity not seen by the Unclad eyes, a male spirit or demon that comes to women to have sex with them either for pleasure or for the purpose of having spirit children through such women.

This usually happens in the night when the woman is lying down, asleep.

Such a woman may experience some sort of temporary paralysis when the so called Incubus is trying to have his way with her through sex in the dream realm.

Often times, such a woman experiences a strange sexual urge or wetness, wakes up feeling someone has made love to her or she actually feels someone's weight on her and between her thighs.

Sometimes she 'sees' the Incubus attempting To Molest her but because of the strange temporary paralysis being experienced, she is neither able to struggle free, escape or call for help as her voice is also temporarily taken.

The spiritual sexual encounter is not the real problem, though that is bad enough, the real problem is mostly the attitude of the spiritual husband or Incubus and his so-called spirit offspring through the woman in question.

The Incubus or spirit husband is usually very jealous and will not tolerate sharing his human 'wife'or victim with anyone else.

He frequently monitors the human 'wife'/victim and will readily and violently attack the business, finances and health of any human man that decides to marry the woman in question.

Sometimes, the Incubus will not even allow such a woman to get married at all, so that he could have her all to himself. He usually frustrates all of the woman's efforts at getting married in real life by chasing all her suitors away or by killing them.

One of the commonest symptoms of spirit husband or Incubus attacks is childlessness through barrenness and miscarriages in marriage.
This usually happens when the woman already has spirit children for the Incubus husband in the spirit realm and since Incubus families don't tolerate rival families, both the Incubus father and the Incubus children will do everything within their power to prevent the woman from having human children for a human husband.

They even go to the extent of 'eating' or 'sucking out' any embryonic pregnancy that is already developing into a fetus in the woman's womb.

The interesting part is that they are aware they are not wanted around, hence, they can get very dangerous and are obstinate in their various tricks to permanently perch on and dominate the victim's life.

Luckily enough, fervent and persistent prayers can send them packing!

In case you are not aware, the Bible tells of the presence of Incubus and spirit beings amongst humans in days of old, their sexual escapades with human females right from biblical times in the days of Noah and also some of the havoc they wrought. Read the book of Genesis chapter 6.

The presence of an Incubus in your life must have also affected either the health or finances of your boyfriend or fiance apart from your own personal troubles.
This will probably be a reason for unjustified arguments and misunderstandings between you and whomever you are dating either currently or in the past (which probably occurred when the Incubus started attacking him for reasons of sheer jealousy or perceived infidelity on your part).

The Incubus may appear to be stubborn, but with persistence in prayers and following the steps outlined below, he is sure to leave you and never return to disturb your peace and joy in your relationships, and of course, a happy marriage.

1. To start with, do not sleep Unclad or in colored clothes anymore. Sew a white night dress and cover yourself with a white wrapper/bed-spread/blanket whenever you go to bed.

2. Any time you make love with your human husband/man, take a shower before going to bed. The scent of Fluid (SPERM) attracts the Incubus or Succubus - the female demon.

3. Get some Sea water, recite Psalm 24 from the Holy Bible into it. It says, 'The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof', pray into it asking God who owns the entire earth and everything in it to come into your home, cleanse it and dislodge any evil spirits sharing your home and bed with you.
In the prayer, make sure you renounce your connection with the Incubus family. Declare to the Incubus you don't want him in your life anymore and that he should allow you to live your natural life.
After the prayer, sprinkle the sea water (now prayer water) all around your home (both within and outside) to cleanse your place of abode spiritually and that shall mark a new beginning for you, devoid of unwanted spiritual interference in your life and relationships.

4. Stop eating groundnut temporarily, especially the one still in the pod, if you are pregnant.

5.Anytime you are pregnant, avoid going to the village or announcing to everyone you are pregnant. If possible, conceal the news from distant relatives and even close relatives by changing location until you are delivered of the babies.
This is because evil people or enemies can invoke an Incubus against you to attack you while you are asleep and such an attack usually results in miscarriage.
By the way, please note that even if you've never had anything to do with an Incubus before, enemies can invoke it against you just because they want to create problems for you in your journey through life. So, pray harder, this is no joke.

6. Get closer to God, serve Him diligently, never leaving His presence for too long.
Apart from going to church regularly, set aside a section, no matter how small, in your apartment for focused praying.
A table and a candle-stand is enough (to set as an Alter to God).
You need to be able to 'communicate' with your creator even in the privacy of your home. You will be amazed at what you will achieve getting closer to God by observing
even as little as 10 minutes meditative quiet times at your praying table once every night before going to bed or early in the morning when you get out of bed.

7. On your praying table, let a white candle be lit after your nightly prayers for God's Angels of light to guard you through the night against all evil attacks either from
satanic humans (who may want to invoke Incubus or other bad spirits against you) or demons ( who choose of their own volition to come after you for their own wicked and selfish interests).

8. Make sure you observe your dreams and ask for their meanings; God will be talking to you in your dreams, take note.
You can contact me with details of your dreams for full analysis and meanings if you don't understand them.

There are billions of people all over the world suffering greatly in the hands of demons through various degrees of sexual attacks and the associated relationship and family problems.

If you would like to read more about spirit beings and demons that interfere with humans sexual life and marital happiness, read about other people's real life experiences through the link below:

For in-dept details on how to break free from dream-sex attacks by succubus and incubus demons and their associated problems,
send an email to to request a copy of the special book on this disturbing matter, titled:

'How to break free from the menace of spirit husband, spirit wife and spirit children'


For help, prayers and deliverance:


Spiritual husband and wife is a very deep spiritual issues that are kept away from millions of Christian today. They are specially commissioned by Satan to molest trouble and scatter good and godly homes, relationships and life in general.
 I pray that the almighty God will open your understanding on this matter, in Jesus name.
They are spiritual enemies living and sleeping with one. They are very stubborn, aggressive and dangerous. They are terrible enemies with killer motives to kill your joy, peace, health, brain, calling, virtue, marriage. Often times they do not need permission as they violate the right of their victims, molest their victims with sex in the dream. They are desperate and very wicked.
They can enter and start manifesting in one’s life through various means which includes:
1.   Immorality.
2.   Pornography.
3.   Spirit wife/husband can be inherited.
4.   Evil dedication of individual.
6.   Underwear manipulation.
7.   Through tattooing and incision.
 for soulation contact us

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