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7 Powerful Reasons To Eat Lemons, The Wonder Fruit!

lemon_7_detoxLemons… A lot of us are familiar with this fruit. But we do not really know the importance of it to life.
Do you know that lemons is among the fruits that have the highest healing powers of diseases on earth?
Do you also know that lemons creates the environment in the body that aids rapid weight loss?
How does it do this you ask?
Lemons have the natural powers as a strong anti-bacteria, anti-viral and immune boosting powers, liver and colon cleansing which creates alkalinity in the body that turns it into a fat-burning furnace.
Recently, science has discovered that in addition to the powers that lemons posses, that they are now an effective aid in preventing poison, and treating other health conditions.
In today’s article, I shall be talking about the 7 cures that eating lemon makes possible and how this can help you in maintaining a healthy life.
1. Alkalinize Your Body For Fast Weight Loss
One of the principles I teach in The 4 Week Detox Diet is the use of lemon juice to alkalinize the body everyday or 2 – 3 times per week.
To do that, each morning, press out lemon juice into a glass of water and drink before going out. The effect this has is that it helps in killing bacteria and cleaning the colon and liver and helps it to become more alkaline.
When the body is alkaline, fat burning is increased, and toxins is washed away. When this happens, there is a gradual process of weight loss overtime.
2. Treatment of Acne
Citric Acid is a substance that helps to treat Acne, and Lemon has it in abundance. Vitamin C is a nutrient that helps the skin to glow, and because Vitamin C is alkaline in nature, it kills some types of bacteria that causes Acne. Lemon is a good source of Vitamin C.
Lemon has a 75% chance of treating early signs of Acne. If you have Acne on your body, this is how to use lemon to treat it if it has not gone into its very advanced stage.
With a cotton wool, press out some juice onto it and rub over the Acne affected areas, leave overnight and wash off the next morning.
Thereafter, mix one part of lemon juice with some honey, rub the mixture over the affected areas, and leave for 30 minutes, then wash off. Do this twice a day until the Acne disappears.
3. Cure Canker Sores of The Mouth
Canker sores are wounds that happens around the mouth or on the lips. If you have this problem, you can get rid of it using lemon juice.
Here is what to do:
Mix one part of freshly pressed Lemon juice into a glass of lukewarm water. Take it into your mouth and gargle or rinse your mouth lemonwith this water, then allow it to stay in your mouth for about 3 – 5 minutes, then pour out.
Repeat 3 times in a day. There may be some burning sensation when the lemon water touches those problem areas, those sensations are the destructive effect of lemon water over the bacteria. It will reduce as you continue with the solution.
4. Cold, Runny Nose Or Sore Throat
The healing powers of lemon helps the body internally by supplying the needed Vitamin C required by the immune system to prevent the bacteria from taking root in the body.
When you experience cold or runny nose, taking Lemon is one way to prevent the cold from entering advanced stage. Get a freshly pressed juice into a glass of lukewarm water and drink it every 2 hours.
5. Eliminate Eczema
Eczema is another skin disease just like Acne. To help you with scraping Eczema, you need to use the outer skin of lemon. Press out the oil from the skin, and add about 8 – 10 drops of it into a glass of Lukewarm water. Mix this with a tablespoon of honey.
Get a linen material and soak it with it, then gently place the cloth over the affected area for 15 minutes. Repeat this 2 -3 times daily.
6. Insect Repellant
Lemon can serve as a natural source of insect repellant and are better alternatives. To repel insects, press out lemon oil from the Lemon outer skin layer, add about 20 drops into about 200ml of water and spray into the air.
It smells good and repels insects at the same time. If you want to avoid insect or mosquito bite while outside the house in the evening, apply this scented water with lemon oil on your body parts not covered with clothes.
7. Clear Pain and Helps Rheumatism
Lemon is very bitter, but then it’s highly alkaline and combats acidity in the body. Excess acidity contributes to Rheumatism.
To help with the treatment or prevention of Rheumatism, drink a glass of lukewarm water mixed with freshly pressed lemon juice 3 times daily.
If there are severe pain in the joints, lemon oil which is extracted from the skin of the lemon fruit can be used to rub on the pain areas as this serves as a pain relieving agents as well.
There are countless uses of Lemon to better health and fight obesity. This list is just a tiny part of what lemons can do. It’s an incredible healing fruit that most of us take for granted.
We should learn the habit of using nature’s resources to it’s fullest. The 4-Week Detox Diet is a natural program that teaches you how to best maximize some of these resources to lose weight, gain back your health, detoxify your body, and enjoy life to the maximum.
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