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Quail egg (eyin Àparò) is a warehouse of nutrients and therapeutic tools. Compared with chicken eggs in one gram of quail contain more vitamins: A – 2.5 times, B1 – 2.8 and V2 – into-2 ,2-fold. In Five quail eggs by weight equal to one chicken in the 5-fold higher levels of phosphorus and potassium in 4,5 times – iron. Significantly greater in the eggs of quails copper, cobalt, limiting and other amino acids.
The content of essential amino acids such as tyrosine, threonine, lysine, glycine and histidine, quail eggs are superior chicken. Tirazin, is known to play a significant role in the metabolism and promotes the formation of the pigment that causes the color of healthy skin (glowing skin). That is why the quail eggs are used in the cosmetic industry. Quail eggs are a concentrated set of necessary human biological materials.
- Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, particularly gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers, gastritis,
- Anemia;
- Severe headaches
- chronic pneumonia
- Bronchial asthma
- Tubercular intoxication
- Increases resistance to radiation exposure;
- Derivation of radionuclides from the body ;
- High or low blood pressure;
- Violation of digestion
- Anemia;
- Disorder of the nervous system
- Allergy;
- Sensitivity to OCR;
- Increase sexual potency;
- Pregnancy in weak women is much easier to prevent disruption of fruit soften toxemia ;
- Diseases eye
- For bodybuilders this unique tool to increase the protein in the body, because the egg is absorbed by 80%, while taking in large amounts (more than 10 pieces) does not cause diathesis.
They are tasty and nutritious , and ne ver do not cause allergies or side effects (diathesis), even for those peoyple that eggs are contraindicated. Eat each
morning, 3-5 of these wonderful eggs, pearls, and then you will feel burst of energy for the day. And after 3-4 months of daily use eggs, you see how your health is much stronger. Quail eggs
do not cause allergies, and vice versa – a positive cure it. In the kitchen this valuable natural healing and miracle product, you can use for the preparation of many dishes such as omelets, salads, appetizers, fried eggs, pastries and others.
They are useful to use (the raw), half an hour before a meal, washed down with water or juice (we do mix the raw with honey here). Acceptance should be systematic, uninterrupted, for 3-4 months. Just a fortnight begins to manifest their beneficial effects on the body. If an individual can not drink the eggs domeshivat advise them raw in the porridge, mashed potatoes or soup. You can cook eggs.
PS- However, remember that vitamins during a 15-minute heat treatment completely get destroyed.
If you do not like to take it raw, here is a recipe you can try out. Its called “the tiger quail eggs”
A. Raw materials:
quail eggs, vegetable oil, garlic, hot pepper sauce.
1 Cook the quail egg
2 stripped off the golden brown quail egg shells. Pour oil in the pot , the oil is hot after the quail egg fried, deep-fried the eggs can bethe frying quail eggs
B. Raw materials: 15 quail egg, cucumber, half a chopped hot pepper, ginger, onions, soy sauce, a little different.
1, quail egg wash into the pot, add the right amount of cold water, open fire to cook about two minutes off the heat, quail eggs, fish out into the cold water, peeled;
2, stripped shell of quail eggs, cut in half, cucumber slices, shredded ginger, spring onions cut into flower;
3, In the pan put oil, quail eggs, one by one into the egg yolk side down
4, then after the quail eggs, put the cucumber slices, a little chopped hot pepper and fry for a minute or so;
5, put the right amount of salt, green onion, soy sauce and stir well to pan.

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead and remember you need to live a healthy life!♥♡♥

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