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Partridge is just another old name for quails
Quails -- partridges -- are medium sized creatures of a large category of birds. From the tiny quail to the long-tailed, large-bodied pheasants, all with short, curved bills, small heads, rounded bodies and short legs they are a target for pleasure hunters but also pets for many or providers of health quality food of a large scale industry, continually developing.

Few useful tips about storing, cooking and eating the quail eggs in the quail recipes.

They are not secrets but less known tricks

One concern when buying fresh food is the real freshness of it -- food poisoning is never an option one would gladly choose. Quail eggs are very easy to check -- just place them into a bowl with water -- the eggs stay on the bottom when they are very fresh.
Quail eggs can be stored in a normal fridge -- two, three weeks would present no risk to the consumer.
If there is no functioning fridge around -- place the eggs into lime water -- lime as in the white natural substance that has been used for painting the walls in the past. If there is no lime available -- place the eggs into a watery clay in a container -- these are old storing tricks that work today too, even for regular chicken eggs. The benefits of raw quail eggs are known -- the egg yolk keeps more of it nutrients when it is used raw. However, quail eggs are keeping their health qualities even when cooked -- boiled or fried.

The number of quail eggs that a person can eat is not limited. Quail eggs differ from the chicken egg in that they have no bad cholesterol at all, therefore they can be eaten by people of any age; they are highly rec commanded for children and senior persons for the content of vitamins and calcium that is easy to process by the human body.

The pic illustrates the difference between the appearance of quail eggs from a regular chicken egg - both fresh.
In case of being used as a natural remedy treatment for the various ailments that they can help against -- a dose of one-two eggs should be consumed -- daily, or two , three times per week in an amount combined.
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Grow a few quails of your own -- if you don't have access to eggs

Keeping a few quails as pets -- would give you the benefit of their eggs too

Quail eggs are now widely available in Europe -- one can buy them from any supermarket or corner store. Those who have no east access to quail eggs from shops might consider to grow their own quails. Find more below on how to grow a few quails in your backyard for your own consumption.
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Grow your own quails -- how to start
A comprehensive description on how to start growing a few quails for the benefit of their eggs and the pleasure of having the gentle birds as pets. Find information on the food and implements you need and advice on starting from fertile quail eggs, incubators -- or live quail chicks just before the laying age.
Grow your own quails
advice and information on quails as pets -- by one that has them.
Grow your own quails
How to grow some quails as pets in a small space.
Grow your own quail
Fertile quail eggs and mini incubators for quail growers.

Save the quail eggshells when you fry them

grinded into powder add daily to your salad or stew half of a teaspoon

The eggshells should be washed and dried then a coffee grinder can make them into powder. Store the powder in a jar and use daily as a supplement. Added into salads or cooked food - the equivalent of one quail egg per day -- will keep the dreaded osteoporosis away.
If the illness is already set -- do the same for getting cured -- but you should increase the amount. There are no side effects.
Quail egg medicinal properties are greatly documented by modern research.

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The power of the quail eggshells in a quail recipe -- eggs health for keeps!

use the healing properties of the quail eggshells

This is the reason why quail eggs are best be bought fresh -- so that one can use the eggshells for their healing properties. The quail recipes that I favor have fresh quail eggs as an ingredient.
Whenever I boil quail eggs -- I place them into a jar with vinegar-- and leave them for ten minutes. The vinegar will dissolve a greater part of the shells and store the calcium into itself. I am using apple cider vinegar as it has ab added health quality.
The apple cider vinegar is strained after the process and I store it in a bottle in a dark place. This is one little known quail recipe.
This vinegar is an ingredient for salad dressings that I prepare from time to time, keep in dressing containers and use daily over my vegetables- cooked, baked, steamed or broiled.
It is a most potent prevention of osteoporosis -- the enemy that attacks 50% of women over 50.
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Quail eggs benefits, Quail eggs health benefits -- eat quail eggs:recipes for quail eggs.
Japanese quail eggs shell colors -- research

Raw quail egg can be eaten easily when mixed with warm milk and sugar or honey.

Raw quail egg with milk was used as a home made remedy for colds

Raw eggs beaten and mixed with warm milk was used as a remedy in Eastern Europe against colds, flu, sore throat, laryngitis. Raw quail eggs can replace the normal chicken eggs in this old and well known recipe with even greater success -- as there is no limitation on the number of eggs per day that can be used safely.
This home made remedy is known in its several varieties across the globe now: in the USA and England a variety that includes the use of whisky or brandy is called Eggnog; while in Eastern Europe it is known under several names with Russian/Yiddish origin: Kogle-Mogle, Gogle-Mogle, Gogl-Mogl, Gogel-Mogel or Shodo.

This recipe is simple: raw eggs beaten (with regular eggs only the yolk is recommended but with quail eggs there are no concerns of cholesterol so the eggs can be fully used) and mixed with sugar or honey to taste. Once the mix is entirely omogen, the warm milk is poured over and mixed again -- it is advised to be drunk immediately. In the quail egg recipe of raw eggs it is quail eggs that one will use for the eggnog
  • Serves: one
  • Prep Time: 
  • Total Time: 


  • raw quail eggs -- any number between one and three/four/five
  • sugar or honey according to personal taste -- 1 to 3 spoons
  • ! cup of warm milk
  • Optional : spices like cinnamon. Whisky or brandy -- provided its not against one's principles -- can be added with limitation


  1. <p style="text-align:justify">Beat raw eggs with a fork or with an electric egg beater.
  2. Keep the shells for grinding and using it later/another occasion for the calcium contained.
  3. Beat into the mix the preferred sweet stuff -- sugar or honey.
  4. Warm up the milk -- carefully as not to get it too hot: hot milk coagulates the egg. Ideal temperature of milk is a bit above the body temperature.
  5. Beat the milk into the egg mixture.
  6. Just have it on the spot. Keep well!
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Fried quail eggs recipes

quail recipes for the quail eggs

This is a simple quail recipe -- anyone can easily make it. Fried quail eggs are delicious. One regular chicken egg is the equivalent of three - four quail eggs. A healthy and satisfying portion for an adult are 12 quail eggs at one meal -- replacing the 3 regular eggs that one would have served for one person

Quail eggs benefits, Quail eggs health benefits -- eat quail eggs:recipes for quail eggs.
Fried quail eggs
  • Serves: 2
  • Prep Time: 
  • Total Time: 


  • 24 fresh quail eggs
  • salt
  • pepper -- to taste
  • 2 spoons of olive/preferred cooking oil
  • other spices -- to taste


  1. Break all <b>quail</b> eggs into a glass/bowl/container
  2. Preheat little olive oil/ preferred cooking oil in a pan.
  3. When oil hot, pour the eggs from container into the pan.
  4. Salt and pepper to taste.
  5. Place lid over the pan for one minute. This is to contain the steam -- cook the fine layer of egg white over the yolk and keep it moist.
  6. <p style="text-align: justify">Remove lid after one minute and check the yolks. If you like yolks to be hard, leave the lid on again for another minute. Remove eggs from pan onto a plate when done according to personal taste,(well or medium). This is my favorite <b>quail recipe</b>.
  7. In the pic there is a regular egg next to the quail equivalent of two more regular eggs -- for reference.
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Quail eggs are good for you!

What to do with quail eggs?

Quail eggs are good for you -- just try them. As a daily nutritional supplement, or as a rare treat, anyway you eat quail eggs it would be good for you.

quail eggs good for youquail eggs good for youquail eggs good for you
Ideas for eating quail eggLittle tasty apetizersScotch quail egg
What do you do with quail eggs?
Forum for exotic recipes. Some consumers dicover the timy quail eggs and share their experience.

Quail recipe for stuffed quail eggs

quail eggs recipes are easy to follow!

This is a more time consuming dish -- I mostly make it because on this occasion I can save the apple cider vinegar in which I soak the boiled eggs -- for easy peeling.
However, every time I take my time to peel so many little eggs and serve this plate with the little stuffed quail eggs, I get a big round of applauses from those who eat them -- usually guests at home or at some community events. That makes any effort in preparing this quail recipe to be worth of the time used up.

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Deviled quail eggs
  • Serves: depending on how cheeky they are and how many one will stuff her/his face
  • Prep Time: 
  • Total Time: 


  • quail eggs -- 24 at least
  • mustard
  • cream cheese
  • salt
  • black
  • cayenne pepper to taste
  • one tbs mayonnaise -- optional


  1. This quail recipe call for the eggs to be first boiled hard. Boil quail eggs for five minutes.
  2. Remove quail eggs from boiling water.
  3. Place quail eggs in a jar with vinegar -- leave for ten minutes.
  4. Peel quail eggs.
  5. Cut quail eggs into halves
  6. Remove hard yolk
  7. Mix all ingredients with hard egg yolks into a paste.
  8. Fill hollow of boiled egg whites.
  9. To taste and disposition: decorate with small piece of red/green pepper or parsley leaf or any other creative element
  10. Place stuffed <b>quail</b> eggs on plate -- let people stuff their faces with them.

Quail recipe for scrambled eggs and mushroom

quails recipes make delicious food

quail_eggs_scarmbledIf it looks simple is because it is simple. This quail recipe is really easy to make.
Photo of scrambled quail eggs by quasimood


  • 24 quail eggs
  • 200 gr mushrooms -- brown or button
  • salt
  • black pepper/cayenne pepper to taste
  • parsley -- chopped - optional
  • small amount of olive oil/favored cooking oil


  1. This quail recipe is nothing different from other scrambled eggs recipe .Beak all eggs into a jar/glass/cup
  2. Cut mushrooms into pieces
  3. Heat oil in a pan
  4. Place mushrooms in the hot pan
  5. Stir fry for three minutes
  6. Pour ,b>quail eggs over mushrooms
  7. Salt and pepper to taste
  8. Tenderly mix <b>quail</b> eggs with mushrooms in pan
  9. Remove from pan onto plates
  10. Serve and eat and be happy for this quail recipe.
  11. And <a href="http://farmingfriends.com/scrambled-quail-eggs/" target="_blank" style="text-decoration:none">another scrambled quail egg recipe</a>
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Give us a thumbs up for our quail recipes -- we are birds that need it

Grilled Quail recipe

This quail recipe is using the birds rather than their eggs. The quail meat is light and tasty -- the meaty parts are the breasts. The legs are a tasty nice bit that must be enjoyed while eaten with hands. The cooking itself is extremely simple -- the ingredients for the marinade are easily available . The honey in the recipe could be replaced with a tsp of sugar -- if honey is a problem to get.

Photo and more grilled quail recipes from Cooking Corner.
  • Prep Time: 
  • Total Time: 


  • 2 quails per person
  • garlic -one clove
  • 200ml olive oil
  • dark soy sauce 2 tbsp
  • balsamic vinegar 2 tbsp
  • salt
  • cayenne/black pepper to taste
  • tabasco sauce
  • 1 glass of red dry wine
  • 1 tsp honey


  1. <p style="text-align:justify">This quail recipe suggests grilling the quails. There is however the option of being baked in a foil, or in a halogen oven or even broiled in a pressure cooker -- the meat will be tasty and tender, no matter the choice of preparing it.
  2. It is important though to keep the birds in the marinade for at least four hours -- the best option is for overnight. According to all quail recipes, the quail meat needs some tenderizing before cooked.
  3. Use a kitchen shear and cut the quails into two halves
  4. Clean and wash inside
  5. Dry with towel
  6. Crush garlic
  7. Place all the ingredients in a bowl. Multiply every qty by the number of further two birds per person invited
  8. Place the quails into the bowl. Brush and stir the birds until all covered with the marinade
  9. Cover bowl. Leave it in the fridge over night or at least for four hours before cooking
  10. Preheat oven to 190 degree C
  11. Place quails on to the racks or in a tray
  12. Brush quails over with the marinade that is left in the bowl, several times during cooking
  13. Grill/bake birds until brown and crispy -- it should happen in 30 minutes -- check after 20 minutes in case your oven is strong
  14. I am serving quails with vegetables, baked in the oven but it is a free choice of what the side dish should be. Rice, noodles, steamed vegetables -- they all complement nicely the quails.
  15. Enjoy the meal and be happy! Share the quail recipe with friends.
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