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How Quail Eggs Could Help Ease Rhinitis Symptoms

‘I have continued to use quail eggs ever since and remain symptom-free’
Mr Driscoll managed to track down a supplier of quail egg capsules (containing lyophilised or freeze-dried extract), and he began taking four capsules every day with breakfast and lunch. Within a few weeks his symptoms had disappeared and, to his relief, they have never returned.
Mr Driscoll says: ‘I have continued to take quail egg capsules ever since and remain symptom-free. Not many people know about lyophilised quail eggs, and I feel relieved I have discovered a ‘cure’ for my problem and one that doesn’t have side effects.’
It was Dr R. C. Truffier from Rochefort, in France, who popularised the medicinal use of quail eggs in western Europe. In the late 1960s, Dr Truffier came across two patients with chronic asthma who appeared to have been ‘cured’ by eating raw quail eggs.
So impressed was he that, after researching the use of quail eggs by the Chinese, Dr Truffier began to treat a number of allergy-related conditions with immediate success. His findings are important as the number of people suffering from allergies has increased hugely in the last ten years.
How quail eggs could provide the solution to a growing problem
According to the World Health Organisation, 10-15 per cent of the world’s population suffers from allergies; yet little is known about why this should be the case or, indeed, how to successfully tackle the problem. People with allergies are advised to avoid exposure to the particular substance they are allergic to, such as tree and grass pollens, dust mites, moulds, specific foods or environmental and household irritants, but this can sometimes be impossible to achieve.
An allergy is a response mounted by your immune system to a particular food, inhalant (airborne substance) or chemical. When an allergen enters the body of a person with a sensitised immune system, it triggers B cells (white blood cells) to produce a type of antibody known as Immunoglobulin E (IgE). These antibodies bind to histamine-containing cells called basophils, or mast cells, and trigger the release of histamine. It is histamine-release that causes the symptoms of allergy such as wheezing, cough and rashes.
While conventional antihistamines can help manage symptoms, they can cause side effects like drowsiness. That is why lyophilised quail egg extract may offer an effective treatment alternative, especially as it is free from side effects. Observation of allergic individuals who have been treated with quail eggs shows that there is a reduction in IgE antibody production. According to Dr Jacques Benveniste, researcher at the National Health and Medical Research Institute in Paris, there may be two theories to explain this.
First, components in the eggs could act directly on B lymphocytes preventing them from producing IgE antibodies. Secondly, the eggs could be affecting another type of white blood cell, known as T lymphocytes, which in turn suppresses B lymphoctyte antibody production. In both cases the result would be the same, and histamine release would be inhibited, according to Dr Benveniste.
Dr Fasoli Armando, a GP and surgeon from the Asti region of Italy, treated 275 adults in his practice who were suffering from allergy-related urticaria (hives) or recurrent asthma and allergic rhinitis. In those with urticaria, almost 100of patients achieved recovery over a two-year treatment period. In the patients with asthmatic symptoms, 90 per cent of the patients experienced a disappearance of symptoms after 18 months of treatment. In addition, 40 per cent of the patients noticed an improvement in their general well-being and energy levels.
What to take for best results
Quail eggs are available in capsule form where the raw whole egg has been lyophilised (freeze-dried). The freeze-drying process ensures the eggs are free from bacteria and other pathogens. The suggested dose is one capsule twice a day.
For hay fever sufferers it is recommended to start taking the product at the earliest signs of allergy or whenever you feel you may be prone to an attack. For this type of allergy, take four capsules with breakfast and four capsules with lunch for one to two weeks. This dose can be repeated throughout the hay fever season leaving gaps of several weeks from treatment to treatment.
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