Saturday, 1 February 2014

Quail egg

Eggs are one of the staple foods in many household around the globe. There are different types of eggs to choose from when contemplating your dish. You typically pick between large, small, white or brown. Knowing the uses of quail eggs will arm you with new recipes and remedies. Quail eggs are small eggs usually weighing about 1/2 oz. with speckled shells.


  • Cook up something hot. Replace your usually breakfast chicken eggs with quail eggs. Scramble, fry or boil quail eggs for your morning meal. Use the speckled eggs in soups and for baking. Make eggs Florentine or poached eggs.


  • Keep it cold. When making a cold dish, opt to use quail eggs instead of the traditional eggs. Dishes that call for eggs include potato salad and regular lettuce salad. Boil, peel and chop your quail eggs. Put them in your cold meal. Your dish will have a more exotic name, such as devilled quail eggs, now that you've introduce a new ingredient.
      • Get well by eating well. Quail eggs are used to assist in healing aliments, helping fight off digestive track disorders, increase haemoglobin levels and treat anaemia. They also are used in treatment of diabetes, tuberculous and asthma. The tiny eggs help enhance your memory and brain activity and help to regulate the nervous system. Your looks are also helped by the dotted eggs. Quail eggs will improve your complexion and bring lustier to your hair. Eating two to three quail eggs a day helps fight off infectious diseases in children.
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