Thursday, 23 October 2014

First 10 ways to cure Ebola virus, with bitter kola

Ebola Virus disease as of today has no cure. Here are some few tips that can help protect you and your family from the Deadly Virus. 1. Avoid bush meat or any meat you are not sure of its source. 2. Wash your hands frequently with detergent or soad using clean water. 3. Avoid trips to Ebola endemic countries (DR CONGO, UGANDA, GABON, LIBERIA, SUDAN etc). 4. Get a hand sanitizer for people to use in your office and educate them on the importance of sanitizers. Get one for your kids to use in school frequently and if possible for their class. 5. Avoid buying Food stuffs, Clothing or other personal materials from Markets/Shops that share the same vicinity with live or roasted bush meat, dealer’s or sellers. 6. Be careful with hands when using railings on the stairs, door knobs and other utilities used by the public. 7. Gloves and other appropriate protective clothing should be worn when handling sick animals or their tissues. 8. Watch out for people with flu-like symptoms and sudden fever. 9. Avoid Pig farms, Pig farms in Africa play a role in the amplification of infection because of the presence of fruits bats on these farms. 10. Avoid bat meats and bat products. Lastly, stop eating in restaurants you are not sure how they prepared their food for now. You don’t know if the food handlers are sick or washed their hands or even washed the plates well. Boil all water before drinking and wash your


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