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Health Benefits of Bitter Leaf

When last did you include bitters in your diet?. It is part of measures I take on regular basis to help avoid disease. Excess sugar in the blood whether through diet or unhealthy lifestyle will definitely cause accumulation of sugar in the blood Stream. Do not wait for malaria or other diseases to come knocking before you include bitters. One of such foods available is Bitter leaf. It is indeed bitter, may be the name is derived from its bitter taste. I include it regularly either eating the washed leaf raw or using it to prepare soup or even squeezing the juice, that is after washing it for at least twice. This helps control and avoid the frequency of attacks of malaria, typhoid and most opportunistic diseases. Here are some of its health benefits.
Bitter leaf is a very common vegetable in our local market. More popular among the Igbos of Eastern Nigeria. The Igbos call it Onugbu, Yorubas call it ewuro, the Hausas call it shikawa.
It is usually washed several times in water to remove the saponins and other deadly compounds. studies have shown that the leaves have useful compounds which may be beneficial for:
stomach ache
skin infections
loss of memory
prostate cancer
General Weakness
At least, 30 different diseases have been suggested to be manageable with the bitter leaf. It contains zinc in high amount, which is important in many enzyme function and keeping the skin fresh

Other health benefits of bitterleaf includes:
cholesterol lowering
Breast Cancer
Fatty acids
It is an abundant source of the polyunsaturated fatty acids linoleic and linolenic acids because the body cannot make these two fats they are required from the diet. Adding bitter leaves to our diet may reduce your risk of chronic diseases like breast cancer, type 2 diabetes and many degenerating disaeses. Anti inflammatory in nature, researchers say eating more of bitter leaf soup could be the panacea for diabetes, cancers, liver damage, drug resistant microbial infections, even reduce labour time in delivery.
Some people only know bitter leaf as a veg used for cooking soup. Very few people are aware of this vegetable is highly medicinal and can be used to cure diseases as well as help to keep our body in good health condition. The important thing this leaf does is to clean the blood, hence prevent sickness. This made by squeezing the fresh leaves to get the juice  . Drink about a glass of the juice 3 times a day.
Bitter leaf also cleans the lymphatic system as well. For smokers or those that are been exposed to secondary smoke, bitter leaf is useful by protecthng the boday against pollutants that come from cigarette smoke and some dangerous gas. Drinking the fresh juice of bitter leaf regularly will help smokers against many health risk he/she will face as a result of smoking.
Again it also yield the healing power of Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STD). One of those diseases is Genital Herpes. Drink the bitter leaf juice daily and also squeeze the leaves and paste it on the patches and warts that appear on the skin. The STD will vanish in course of days.
Moreover, some skin disease such as ringworm,eczema and others have been Successfully treated with bitter leaf. Just squeeze and paste it regularly, coupled with the drinking of the fresh bitter leaf juice. This will clear them off the eczema,ringworm or any other skin diseases in no time.

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