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Quail eggs can prevent, cure or treat diseases associated with age, deficiency or excess nutrients in the body including allergies. Its efficience against microbial infections is yet to be proven.

Quail eggs have proven beneficial in more than 30 diseases. These positive effects are as a result of their superior protein quality, it contains no cholesterol, (it is a dietetic egg) and has a high concentration of vitamins and minerals. In comparism with chicken eggs the quail egg, contains 6 times more vitamin B1, 15 times more vitamin B2 and others. It also contains Iron and other micro elements. The nutritive value per 100g quail eggs is 678 kilo calories, 11.6% protein, 14% fats, 0.5% carbohydrates, 0.9% minerals. Research has determined quail eggs to contain the following: protein, vitamins (A, B complex E), Iron, Potassium, phosphorus (anti allergic factors). The chicken egg is about five times larger than quail eggs, but quail eggs contain 5 times more phosphorus, 7.5 times more iron, 6 times more vitamin B and 15 times more vitamin B2. Quail eggs are the only dietetic eggs in the world. 

Quail eggs stimulate growth, rejuvenate the body, improves intelligence quotient (IQ), increases sexual appetite, combats stress, heart aches, obesity and asthma, different forms of allergies, hypertension, liver and kidney diseases. Its beneficial effects also extends to other domains such as the maintenance of the skin and hair. Situations in which the effect of quail eggs have proven effective include: sexual impotence, bronchi asthma, allergic rhinitis conjunctivitis, rashes, cough, sinusitis, tonsillitis, eczema, ulcer, stress and physical fatigue, arterios-clerosis, diabetes , hypertension, pre-vention of baldness, osteoporosis, spasmophilia, goitre. 

The use of quail eggs for its therapeutic properties has not begun in this age. Early Egyptian and Chinese civilisations used it to treat asthma and sexual impotence. These therapeutic properties were redisco-vered in France by Dr JC Truffier (1967) who used it successfully in the treatment of impotence and allergies. In summary the properties of quail eggs include: stimulants, aphrodisiacs, anti allergies, anti inflammatory, hypo-cholester remnants, anti diabetics and antihypertensive. 


The beneficial effects of quail eggs have been proven (see details and mode of administration in the table below)
In children :
- growth stimulation and improved metabolism (100egg)
- reactivate the nerves and central nervous system (120egg)
The consumption of quail eggs is recommended for children (cooked or raw) for their physical and mental balance. It improves the IQ (intelligent quotient)

In the elderly :
- it renews the state of health and brings the body to equilibrium, combats the degenerative process and rejuvenates the body (240 eggs).
- revives memory and protects nerve cells (120 eggs)
- improves sexual potence (120 eggs)
- reinforces organs weakened by physical work or stress (240 eggs)
- fortify the body (240 eggs)
Quail eggs are strongly recom-mended for the elderly for its regenerative effects. It can calm down and cure many diseases attributed to old age, deficiency or excess nutrients in the body.

Treatment of heart diseases :
- Improves the functioning of the heart in the case of coronary sclerosis (240 eggs)
Treatment of allergies :
- Asthma 240 eggs
- Skin rash 120 eggs
- Eczema conjontivities 120 eggs 
- Allergic rhinitis (240 eggs)

Treatment of gastro intestinal tract disorders :
- Gastric ulcers 240eggs 
- Poor digestion 120 eggs 
- Excess secretions of stomach acids (120eggs)

Treatment of liver diseases :
(240 œufs)
Treatment of renal diseases : 
(240 œufs)
Treatment of circulatory diseases :
- anaemia (240 eggs)
- arterial hypertension 240 eggs

Treatment of metabolic diseases :
- gouts (240 eggs) 
- obesity (240 eggs)
- diabetes (240 eggs)
Treatment of nervous diseases :
- neurasthenics (240 eggs)
- nervous state (240 eggs) 

Pregnancy and breast feeding :
The consumption of quail eggs fortifies the woman’s body during pre and post natal periods as well as after surgery and radiotherapy (240 eggs). It also has beneficial effects on the foetus (physical and mental balance) and for the mother after delivery (physical rehabilitation and rejuvenation of cells). Quail eggs also improve the quality of breast milk. In the same light the consumption of quail eggs by HIV AIDS patients improves CD4 (240). TO ORDER FOR THIS PRODUCT CALL  +2348068808564

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