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n short, I help you bridge the gap between who you are right now… and who you want to be. I help you find that inner strength within you that motivates and compels you to do better…feel better… and BE better.
That’s why my main goal is to uplift and challenge you to go beyond yourself today.
To become that person you TRULY want to be, with no limitations.
The Coffeelicious Cookbook will show you how to…
         Live better with healthier meals…
         Impress your friends, your family and guys with the recipes created by a professional chef, yet simple enough for ANYBODY to make!
         Accelerate your journey to become your “perfect self”…
         Increase your achievement in all areas of life including relationships,family, cooking, healthy, and even prosperity…
         Fill you up with inner confidence in any situation…
         And so much more!
The Coffeelicious Cookbook is truly unique. It’s more than just a cookbook.
It’s more than just eating better or healthier.
It’s the beginning of a new you.
I hope you’ll join the thousands of women around the world who’ve already invested
in themselves and their future lives by ordering the Coffeelicious Cookbook.
It’s cheap and it’s powerful.
I PROMISE you’ll love it!
It’s the beginning of a new you.

We all know someone who passed away much too young. We all have tear-jerking
stories of people contracting a deadly disease or disorder early in their life and
having to adopt an entirely new lifestyle just to survive.
By simply using OrganoGold infused with Ganoderma
as your daily coffee and in your delicious recipes,
you may drastically reduce your risk of…
  •           Altitude sickness
  •           Atherosclerosis
  •           Altitude sickness
  •           Cardiac arrhythmia
  •           Coronary heart disease
  •           High blood pressure
  •           High blood sugar
  •           High cholesterol
  •           Low blood pressure
  •           Stroke
Now let’s be honest…
OBVIOUSLY, you can’t use OrganoGold everyday while eating french fries and burgers… and expect miraculous health. That’s just not how it works!
However, by combining OrganoGold with our delicious, healthy recipes in Coffeelicious you’ll have an amazing combination for better health.
And that’s something I know you can do.
Plus it also…

Reduces Inflammation Throughout Your Entire Body

One group of researchers reported in 2002 that ganoderma appears to protect the liver from inflammation caused by infection.
It has also been shown to reduce inflammation throughout your entire body and is frequently used to treat allergies, hay fever, bronchial asthma, and to reduce skin inflammation.
Laboratory studies support these uses and show that some components of ganoderma have a strong antihistaminic effect that interrupts the development of allergic reactions.
Ganoderma has recently attracted the attention of Western cancer researchers. A case study report from Columbia University indicates that a Japanese dietary supplement containing ganoderma as well as genistein, a soybean derivative, may be useful in the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer.

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