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Bitter kola as it is popularly called is an English name and it belongs to the family of Guttiferal. It is an agricultural product, and have medicinal applications in both traditional and orthodox medicine. It is from the species called Garcinia Kola and by product it is a fruit.


Bitter kola can be found in the Eastern and Southern parts of Nigeria. It can easily be bought from our local markets, this makes it easy to source at very cheaper rates. For example, it is found in most of our popular market in Lagos – such as Mile 12 market, Ketu Market, Iddo Market and so on. Our research findings indicated that it is often found at cheaper rates by market women from the bush markets. – LUSADA MARKET. However, the prospective exporters can still source the product from any other places they can find it at cheaper rates. They could be fresh or dried.


Bitter Kola is used extensively as industrial raw materials for brewery purposes; it is also used in medicine as stimulant. Both the fresh and dried bitter kola possess some healing powers for various sickness such as cough. There is no doubt that these various uses are responsible for its demand both locally and internationally in both small and large quantities. Locally it is mostly use to cure cough and clear throat.


For bitter kola to be processed to meet export standard and to make it adequately export market requirement. The major process is the drying to reduce the moisture content to at least 1%. In order to meet the buyers’ and international standard and requirement, it must be adequately and properly dried in such a manner that the scales, colour and the tastes are not adversely affected.


1 SUN DRYING:- Sun drying is a natural way of processing and it is more
popular here in Nigeria than machine drying. This mode of drying is mostly use during the dry season while drying in the wet season, the product can be dried right there at the spacious corner of your room. However, this mode of drying is subject to the quantity and frame.

This mode of drying is much relevant to the small scale exporters, which is of course is the starting point for most of us.

2. DRYING BY MACHINE: - Is a cabinet machine with partitioned layers with electric element and a blower to produce the warm air that dries a large quantity of the product faster and safer. This cabinet machine has a regulator and it is an electric generated machine. It is most used by big scale exporter. The machine is costly and it is built on request.

This is not to say that large quantity of the product cannot be naturally or sun dried, but it will take time and lot of effort. However, the main purpose for drying the product is to reduce the moisture content. It then means that, if parked before drying the over all weight will be affected due to the humidity and other natural factors during transit. In order to make sure that the product is in good condition and to maintain the requested weight before getting to the buyer, it must be adequately dried to a reasonable extent.


There is no denying the fact that there is no any standard packaging method for bitter kola or any other export product for that matter. This is for the simple reason that it is prerogative of the prospective importers to specify the packaging method approved for a specific or particular product in their home country. Because of this, exporters must seek the consent of the buyer before doing the packaging. However, the packaging standard and requirement will be clearly stated in the contract order which must be strictly adhered to. This method above is applicable to a big time exporter, who enters the business in a big way. This depends absolutely on cash at hand and requirement of the buyers.

Under this category the products always pass through the port and cargoes or shipped to the buyers overseas.
For the small scale exporter, they need not pass through the port to send their products to the buyers abroad. Under this category the maximum quantity allowed is 100 kilogram. This quantity is usually being sent through postal system. The product must be carried to the post office unsealed in bags, it is the post office that the product will be packed, sealed and weighed to determine their charges.

As a matter of facts, you will be told what to do there, you need not to take anything to the post office except your products in the bags, and everything needed to be brought to the post office premises. The product must be registered immediately after the packaging and sealing, the package can be registered express postage or ordinary registered postage. Now you will be given a counterfoil for the registration, this counterfoil must be kept in case anything happens to the product in transit. It is the counterfoil that will be used to claim it from the post office. Immediately the product is sent, you must let the buyer know and when it is received the buyer will also alert you about the receipt.


though there is no denying the fact that there is an approved international price for all exportable commodities, bitter kola is no exception. However, it is the responsibility of both exporter and the importers to agree on a price that will serve their interest. Presently, the generally acceptable price for Bitter Kola per bag is USD 17/kg the local price of the equivalent is within the range of N500.00 to N800.00 depending on where it is purchased. In order to beat down the price more, it is advisable to reach out to the local areas where it can be bought at cheaper rates. In other words, the cheaper the product is bought locally the better the profit at the export market.


In other to do exporting business successfully, the maintenance of a good quality control should be a prerequisite. This means that products must be free of foreign matters or objects such as papers, nylon, stone, dirt, and so on. These will not add unnecessarily to the weight but will contaminate the product especially when it is used for food and medical purposes.

On the other hand, if the issue of quality control is not taken into cognizance, it can cause unwanted business hardship in terms of total rejection of the product by the buyer. And this can lead to loosing of the capital invested. Adequate care must be taken during the purchasing of the product to select good ones which have not broken or pealed off.


It is very pertinent that before any prospective exporter starts to source for the product, it is very important to first of all seek for a genuine or what we called firm export or contractual order. It is this order that specifies the name of the product, agreed price; packaging method, terms of payment and delivery and other such terms as may be relevant. However, it is the responsibility of the exporter to secure or get an order through the contact address of possible buyers which have been made provision for in this manual. Again, provision has been made for product advert placement on the internet together with both local and foreign bodies including websites where individual can source for the contact of buyers. Prospective exporters can also contact various organizations such as Nigeria Export Promotion Council, World Trade Center – Western House 8th floor Lagos, for the addresses of possible buyers.


Bitter Kola export business does not require huge capital to start up. For instance, as a beginner you only need small capital to start your business as a small quantity exporter. You don’t have to tie so much money down on the product. You can always buy the product and export it when there is an order from your buyers at regular intervals as agreed upon by both of you. THE


Renting of a shop in Lagos and indeed every part of the country is not a child’s play; it can cause one’s life savings. For bitter kola export business you don’t need to hire an office space, it can always be carried out at the corner of your room.


Unlike most business where you have to spend a huge amount of money for advertising your product before you can make a sale. You always have some free international websites on which your product can be advertised to see and ordered for from all over the world.


Export business is one of the highest profitable and lucrative business which bitter kola export is no exception. As a matter of fact, entrepreneurs buy at cheaper prices from the bushes and local markets and export to overseas countries and collect the proceeds in hard currency. At the end of the day, the hard currency is changed to Naira denominations and you make your huge profits. As a matter of fact, bitter kola business is an easy way to become very rich.


Unlike most business, this bitter kola business is risk free. In other words, the entrepreneurs do not incur any debt or loose the invested capital. As a matter of fact, it is a clean and legal business alongside your former job. On the other hand, it can also be engaged in as full time business provided one wishes to.


Bitter kola is sourced locally in the villages and in our local markets, this easy source makes the purchasing of the product simple throughout the year. As a matter of fact, we have been able to find out some local markets, where the product can be gotten cheaper.


Bitter kola business has ready made markets all over America and the Europe, as well as buyers to the extend that their demands have never been met. And everyday the markets and buyers always expand and the demands also grow wide beyond sellers and supply. This is the kind of business that can accommodate as many as prospective sellers. We have been able to secure some overseas buyers addresses during our research findings. IT GIVES YOU


When you are engaged in this business, you set the hours of your work and the number of days you want to work in a week or month. In short, the business can be engaged in as a part time business alongside your former job. On the other hand, it can also be engaged in as full time provided one wishes to.


The prospective sellers have no cause to worry about how their products will be advertised to the buyers in the world over simply because in our research findings we have found out some websites to advertise on at a peanut if not for free. As soon as possible buyers will respond to your advert, you begin to make big money.


The prospective sellers will be taught how to process and package the product in a very simple, easy and natural way for exportation purposes that suits and conforms with the international standard. So for this, the prospective exporters have no cause to worry about processing and packaging. The packaging method used in this business is very simple and easy and can be learned by anybody.
The prospective exporters would be taught how to receive the payments and proceeds up front before the shipment of the product here in Nigeria without stress in hard currency denominations. In fact, you will be shown the fastest and safest way to collect your money in US dollars.

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