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You can start this business in your room to export bitter kola and other natural herbs. Like for example in India. There are many natural

herbs companies there that are in need of differents herbs, and you can search for the ones that you can get here in Nigeria and export it to them there and get paid in hard currencies.

Some of this natural herbs company in abroad can buy bitter kola, Aloe Vera plant or gel, hibiscus flower, ginger, garlic and others.

This is a great business you can do without leaving your current Job, you can place your advert on the net and also contact the addresses of this natural herbs companies.

If you can get only one or two companies to supply any of this product you are rich.
As I have ealier said, you can export Aloe Vera gel, some are in need of the plant. You can export ginger & garlic. I am going to give you where you can advertise on the net free or pay little.

Then you can also contact your buyers on how you will be paid and the kind of export service. You can use post office if that will be safer and faster to deliver the goods ,But there are many companies you can use, it is also place in this manual to guild you & note ; you can start this export with little. You can start with 50 kilo.


Bitter kola is an English name but belong to the family name Chisiacease or Guttiferae. It is from the species called garcinia kola but by product it is fruit.SOURCE; Bitter kola are found in the Eastern and Southern part of Nigeria.

For instance, it is found in most popular market in Lagos. And research indicated that market women often get them cheaper from the bush, market namely LUSADA MARKET and other areas.

The prospective export can look for best place.
USES; For clarity, we shall use the English name throughout this .e-manual.

Bitter kola as it is called by English is use extensively as introduce raw materials in breweries but especially used in medicine as stimulant .these, there is a popular demand both locally and internationally. For instance, locally it is used to cure cough and clears throat.

Since our major focus here is the export market, it is necessary to consider the process involved in other to make it adequately export market requirement.

The major process is the drying to reduce the moisture content to at least 1%. This means, it must be properly dried in such a way that the Color and the tastes is not adversely affected.

There are two major methods of drying [1] sun-drying and [2] drying by machine. Sun drying is more to the quantity and the time frame.

The major purpose of drying as mention earlier is to reduce the moisture content.

It therefore follows that, if packed before drying, the over all weight will be affected, humility and other natural factors during transit. In other to make sure the product is in good condition before getting to the buyer, it must be dried to a reasonable extent.

It is important to note that there is no standard packaging method for bitter kola or any other export product for that matter.

The reason being, it is only the prospective importer that can specify the packaging method approved for a particular product in their country exporters, must seek the consent of their buyer before packaging.

As a matter of fact, the packaging requirement will be cleanly stated in the contract order which must be strictly adhered to.

PRICING: US $$$$$$$$$$$$
While it may be acknowledged that there is an approved international price of all exportable commodities, and the importer to agree on a price that will serve their interesting.

For now, the generally acceptable price for bitter kola per kg is USD10-17/ PER KG, the local price of the equivalent is within the range of N300.00 to 800.00 depending on the point of purchase. As it follow that the cheaper it is locally the profit at the export market.

Maintaining a good quality control is a pre-requisite for a successful exporting business. This implies that product must be free of foreign matters such as stone, dirt, paper nylon etc.

these will not only add unnecessary to the weight but will contaminate the product especially while it used for medical and food purposes.

Before any prospective export starts to source for the product, it is important to first seek for a genuine or what is called film export order.

This order specifies the seek the name of the product, agree price, packaging method, terms of payment and delivery and other such terms as many be relevant.

To get an order however is the responsibility of the exporter. In this e-manual two contact addresses of possible buyers were included; and provision are made for product advert placement on the internet and both local and foreign bodies including web site where individual can source for the contact of buyers.

note: if you design your personal website, you will make more money in it.
ROLES OF INTERNET IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESSAt this stage, I feel delighted to mention that the of roles of Internet especially in international business cannot be over emphasized.

[1] It is the safest, faster and the cheapest means of communication.
[2] It gives a better image and recognition to your business hence people take you more serious.
[3] You can freely source for contact of interesting buyers of your product.
[4] Product can also be advertised to the whole world at a peanut if not free.
Considering the above therefore, the prospective exporter must have a valid and functional e-mail address and must know how to access it on the net, sending and receiving mails etc.

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