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Wedding season is by far the busiest time of year for The Caker. Below are a few of our favorite images of cakes that we've done. As you can see we don't do anything too traditional, and our relaxed, contemporary style is what we've become known for.
Generally the biggest cake we can make will feed 80 people generously (which will cost $550), as anything bigger than this gets too hard to transport and cut into. If you are planning a wedding which is bigger than this, you could either get one main display cake, and another couple to have as service cakes in the kitchen, or you could get 2 or 3 beautiful cakes to have on display. We base our quotes on the size of the cake so need to know how many people you need to feed in order to give an accurate quote.
We steer clear of any sickly sweet fondant icing, and prefer to use vanilla bean cream cheese icing which has a lovely texture and means we can keep the sweetness in check. In our opinion, it's more important for the cake to taste incredible than look inedible. We don't do any over the top decorations and prefer to adorn simply with fresh flowers, berries, crushed pistachios...things like that.
The most popular flavours for wedding cakes tend to be the gluten free flourless dark chocolate cake, orange almond and polenta, lemony almond or fig and raspberry.  Either we can take care of the floral decoration for the cake/s, or you can arrange for your florist to put some flowers aside for us to use if you'd prefer for them all to be same.
Please email us at nz to enquire about ordering your wedding cake/s. Please provide the following information:
- What is the date of your wedding? Please put the date in the subject of the email.
- How many guests are you expecting?
- What is the location of the wedding?
- What flavours do you like the sound of? (We can organise a tasting, free of charge, with 3 samples).
- How do you want the cake to look? (Please attach images).
- What are you thinking in terms of flowers? Will it be us taking care of them, or your florist?
From here we can proceed to give you a quote and organise a tasting if necessary.

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