Monday, 7 March 2016

Naturally beautiful, wholesome cakes

We see cakes as the edible expressions of love

They can sometimes say what words can't. They bring people together. They are the defining symbols of celebration. Our years of experimentation and absolute dedication to perfecting our recipes are worth it when we witness someone taking that bite that makes them close their eyes and feel delight. This is what we work for: to create cakes that confirm and even emphasise the beauty of a moment.

Our cakes are both better for the body and the taste buds 

We love replacing white sugar and refined flours with ingredients like honey, maple, ground almonds and spelt flour, and using nut milks and coconut oil. These options lend a more complex flavour and make our cakes more moist and delicious. We never compromise on the quality of our ingredients, and swear by using organic free range eggs, pure NZ butter, organic unbleached stoneground flours, and the very best 70% cocoa Belgian chocolate.


Our aesthetic is based on a belief that natural is beautiful

Our cakes do not need the plastic distractions of food colouring or Barbie-bright buttercream. You will find no rainbow sprinkles here. We'd rather the beautiful little black flecks of vanilla bean, crushed pistachios, and drips of berry coulis. All of our cake decorations are natural – from our fresh flowers to our freeze-dried fruit scatters. Our belief truly is this: cakes need not look 100% preened, they need to be 100% delicious.

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