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Benefits of Cassava Leaves For Medicines And Healthy Food

Usually the mothers at home process it as a  stew vegetable, anointing, and sauteed. it can also be found in a   Padang typical restaurant of Indonesian. Besides can be made with a variety of processed
This leaves also has a tasty taste. and  also  you have to know that cassava leaves have a number of benefits and nutritional value which is important for the body.
Important Substance Content In Cassava Leaves
Besides its good taste,  reversed of the benefits of cassava leaves, there is a very important substances when consumed. Cassava leaves contain minerals, vitamins, essential amino acids, and proteins are very good for the body. It is also known that vegetable protein contained in cassava leaves serve as elements that build the body's cells and is a component of system of the  enzyme  forming . In addition, the amino acid content there on the green leaves serve as modifiers of carbohydrates into energy. Amino acid in cassava leaves are also useful for wound healing in the skin, replacing damaged cells, bone health, helping us with good memories, and to help the body's metabolic system. As for the chlorophyll in the leaves serve as antioxidants and anticancer.
Benefits of Cassava Leaves

Benefits of cassava leaves are very much, health can be supplemented with the intake of nutritious foods such as cassava leaves. Known cassava leaves have a number of important benefits such as suitable for those who are running the diet program because Cassava leaves are very low in calories. With that consuming cassava leaves will give the effect of satiety. For those who are hard to defecate, cassava leaves to overcome constipation and digestion us. In addition, cassava leaves can also be used as a medicine rheumatism, headaches, ulcers, cold medicine, diarrhea,  overcome the worms, and increase stamina.
Utilization of Cassava Leaves

In addition to be as healthy snacks, cassava leaves are also useful as an herbal medicine that can drink it water directly . It is very easy, just boil the leaves with one to two glasses of water and can be mixed with ginger or water whiting. Residual of water decoction also can be drink and had incredible benefits to the body. That are some benefits of cassava leaves that we can get easily.

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