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My name is okpako okugbeni, i have been making money Online from facebook for about two years, i own the superb blog 
  was acknowledged to be one of the youngest blogger In Nigeria, today is not all about stories but how you can make Money Online, So what do i have for you?

I recently discover a site that pays you for sharing Posts on your facebook and twitter account, the site is called, and i have develop a strategy that can allow you to make up to about 100 dollars WEEKLY with just about 3 hours of work,and before finally revealing my Strategy to the Whole World, i want you to give out this strategy to Just 10 Nigerians for them to try this strategy and i will like to see if its gonna work for them,although,i’m sure it will work, and if it doesn’t, it means Dem they Follow You For Village.
My Newly discovered strategy does not involve you having a computer even though it is recommended,it is something you can go to the cafe to do,So
This Ebook is currently not available for sale any more,but nevertheless, click Here To Learn How To Make Money Blogging In Nigeria
So are you ready?
There are about 450 People reading this message just as you are doing and i need Just 15 people to try out this strategy, so what do you think I can do to reduce the number????
Well, i think the best way to scare away some people is to put a Price tag on it, am sure most people who run away, but who cares??? Some people are born to be Poor while others are born to be rich, being rich or Poor is a Choice and Not a Must.
So for just 1,500 naira, you will get access to this wonderful strategy and i would coach you till you earn your first dollar from This Site. So are you one of those That will RUn away or You want to get access to this strategy? To get access, make a sharp payment of 5000 to
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Remember, not Everyone is Born To Be Rich,its a matter Of Choice

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