Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Honey cures the following diseases:

·                     Anxiety and lack of sleep can be treated by drinking a glass of water that has a spoon of honey dissolved in it (honey drink). Scientists found that drinking water with honey has a very calming impact on people.
·                     Honey can be used to treat lips tearing, skin wrinkly, in cosmetics, and flabby skin stimulation.
·                     One spoon of honey everyday can protect you from a deadly heart attack.  This has been proven by new studies made on honey where scientists noticed that honey helps to regulate the work of the heart.
·                     In a recent research, doctors suggested to have one spoon of honey everyday to treat prolonged coughing effectively instead of other known medications.
·                     Another research mentioned that honey proved to treat medical cases like Asthma, infection of the lungs and the respiratory tract; which chemical medication failed to treat.
·                     Honey has a wonderful energy in regulating and reducing the symptoms of anxiety, polyneuritis, and other disorders that can be found in the body, in addition to its calming effects.
·                     Honey can be used to treat ulitis and caries. Some experiments showed that massaging the gum with honey strengthens the weak gum, stimulates the blood flow, and kills the bad bacteria in the mouth.
·                     Researches proved that honey can be used to treat impotency and infertility because it is effective in stimulating and regulating the sexual status in men and women.  Other researches mentioned the important role that honey has in treating infertility.
·                     If you suffer from allergy, you can drink some honey dissolved in water (honey drink) after reciting some audible verses of Qur’an on it with submission and reflection.  After sometime – can reach 3 months- you will find that the allergy that medicine failed to treat disappeared with Allah’s will. To oder from this product contact us +2348068808564

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