Sunday, 6 April 2014

Quail eggs helps to boost health Naturally-Experts

Quails have a history that is over 2000 years old. According to the Bible, they are birds that were sent by God to feed the children of Israel in the Sinai desert when they complained about the lack of meat in their diet. Today, quail eggs which can mostly be sourced from the regions around the Sinai desert are gaining popularity as a viable commercial venture and nutritional supplement, even in Nigeria. Quail eggs are considered to be among the best known natural treatment products. Chinese medical practitioners have been using quail eggs as a treatment for hundreds of years with brilliant results. As quail eggs are slowly becoming easy to get products on the market, more people are beginning to show interest in their use as an active natural medicine instead of chemical products with so many side effects. According to, experts in natural treatment methods claim that quail eggs have positive effects on people with stress problems, hypertension, digestive disturbance, gastric ulcer, liver problems, blood pressure and lipid control, migraine, asthma, anemia, various types of allergies, eczema, heart problems, bronchitis, depression, panic and anxiety. Quail eggs are also known to stimulate growth, increase sexual appetite, stimulate brain functions and generally rejuvenate the body. They have been proved to be a very valuable source of Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12 and Vitamin D, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, phosphorus and other essential micro-nutrients, minerals and amino acids. Healthy skin, hair & immunity Quail eggs improve skin colour and strengthen hair. That’s why they are used for egg yolk facial and hair care masks. They are also rich in proteins, antioxidants and lysozyme. As a sugar-free, non-processed source of these nutrients, this makes quail eggs ideal for controlling infections and inflammations leading to asthma, allergies, eczema and psoriasis. For chronic medical conditions As an alkaline forming product, quail eggs have been prescribed as a dietary remedy against tract disorders such as gastritis and ulcers. Along with its enriched source of antioxidants, magnesium, Vitamin B6 and potassium, the egg can remove stones formed in the kidneys, liver and gall bladder. They also have the nutrients and properties needed for energy, resistance from illness, and faster recovery following surgery or from chemotherapy effects and other cancer treatments. As a low carbohydrates, low calorie food, quail eggs are ideal as a non-invasive approach to heart conditions and diabetes treatment. As a 100% natural source of iron, Vitamin A & B12, quail eggs can greatly benefit those suffering from anemia. Libido and brain power It is no wonder that quail eggs are a common staple in Asian diets. As an enriched source of choline and omega-3 fatty acids, nutritionists recognise the benefits of quail eggs in promoting good memory, enhancing brain activity and regulating the nervous system. Body builders recognise the advantages of quail eggs over chicken eggs as a high protein food without carbohydrates and bad HDL cholesterol. Its phosphorus and Vitamin B, D & E for testosterone, gives men a 100% natural aphrodisiac that does not compromise weight maintenance.

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