Sunday, 6 April 2014

How to eat it:

The greatest thing about quail eggs, is that you can even eat them RAW! This is because they have no chance of getting salmonella due to their resistance to infection. Some Eastern cultures treat it as a delicacy and will top their dish with a raw quail egg or use it in their sushi. If you don’t like raw eggs – although this is QUITE different than a chicken egg – & I recommend you give it a shot – you can still try it any way you would eat a regular chicken egg! Scrambled, hard-boiled, pickled, fried, sunny-side-up…you get the idea:) I personally have been eating them pickled and in egg salad & it is delicious! Eat them whenever you get the chance, but the goal is 3-5 each morning to really build a solid immune system, improve your metabolism, energy & your overall health!


- Remedy against digestive tract disorders
- Can cure anemia
- Helps remove toxins & heavy metals from your blood (also: check out this heavy metal cleanse!)
- Helps in treatment of tuberculosis, bronchial asthma & diabetes
- Strong anti-cancer effects
- Removes stones from liver, kidneys & gallbladder
- Strengthens heart muscles
- Promotes better memory
- Enhances brain activity
- Regulates the nervous system
- Strengthens the Immune system
- Great for skin & hair

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