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Castor oil is great healing tool that has positive health effects when taken for a number of ailments. Castor Oil has been found to be helpful in improving the health of the digestive system, lymphatic system, circulatory system, excretory system, and the nervous system.
In addition to aiding the health of your internal system, castor oil also serves as an excellent skin treatment. Simply applying castor oil a couple of times each week can show positive benefits for your skin, as well as helping to relieve aches, pains, and sore spots. Castor Oil can be used to treat acne, pigmented moles, corns, calluses, and any other skin ulcers or sores.

Castor Oil and the Lymphatic System

Use of castor oil has shown the most benefit on the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is extremely important to even the most basic body functions. Be mindful that maintaining a strong lymphatic system keeps you healthy and well. By keeping your lymphatic system balanced it helps maintain the fluid balance in your system. Lymphoid tissue (a central part of the lymphatic system) is a carrier of white blood cells, which attack infections, diseases, viruses, and prevent tumors from growing in our bodies. The lymphatic system helps to prevent waste from gathering in our body while also playing an important role in metabolism. This aids in processing body fats and other materials more quickly.
While improving the function of the lymphatic system isn’t possible with just the use of medicine, it CAN be improved through physical activity, massage, meditation, and through applying castor oil packs. Castor Oil has been a long-time treatment that many may remember hearing their parents or grandparents discuss.
The lymphatic system plays large parts in the functioning of the other systems as well. This includes the function of the nervous system. The nervous system is divided into two parts: the somatic nervous system – which controls your conscious movements, such as walking or driving your car – and the autonomic nervous system, which controls your heartbeat, breathing, blinking, the function of your digestive system, and anything else that you do without thinking. The lymphatic system plays a large part in the function of your autonomic system. So if you have a healthy lymphatic system, you will have a healthy autonomic system, which will in turn make your body more efficient in its most basic activities, and therefore significantly healthier!

Castor Oil and the Digestive System

Castor oil has been shown to greatly improve the function of the digestive system. First, castor oil improves liver function. The liver is responsible for removing much of the toxic contents of your body and for cleaning the blood. It also improves the function of your intestines. The therapeutic effects of castor oil on the lymphatic system and the digestive system can play a huge role in the detoxification of your body.

How Castor Oil Helps

In studies, castor oil has been found to improve the general flow and efficiency of the lymphatic system. In doing so, it improves the health of the immune system and the nervous system, and in turn the entire body. Here’s how it works: Castor oil is usually applied through packs that are placed over the lower ribs and on the belly over the abdominal muscles. Castor oil is a substance that can easily be absorbed into the skin (hence its excellent uses as an acne remedy), and when it is absorbed, it stimulates the thymus gland and/or the lymphatic tissue. By doing this, it increases the number of white blood cells (or, as white blood cells from the lymph system are called, lymphocytes) flowing through the body.
This has a large number of positive effects on the body, including a healthier immune system, a better, more efficient organ and nerve function, a better absorption and metabolism of fatty acids, and a decrease in both depression and fatigue.
Other ailments which castor oil may help to alleviate are headaches, colds, ulcers, menstrual problems, inflammation, constipation, appendicitis, skin problems like psoriasis, and stiffness in the joints, colic, and kidney stones.

How to Use Castor Oil Packs

Castor oil is often applied simply by rubbing it on your lower ribs and abdominal area with your hand (in a clockwise direction) and massaging it into the skin, but for those preferring a cleaner method, you can use castor oil packs. Castor oil packs are usually a wool flannel cloth which is lightly saturated with castor oil, but not to the point where the flannel is dripping with oil when you pick it up. Then you simply lay the wool flannel across the abdominal area and cover it with another thick towel or piece of plastic wrap. This acts as a barrier to protect your heating mechanism which is then placed on top of the Castor Oil Pack. You can use your own heating pad, heated water bottle or Large Heart Beat pillow to generate a soothing heat. Providing heat aids in the absorption of the castor oil.
Typically, you want to let it sit for an hour and a half or more, and you can do it however often you like. Sit back and listen to soothing music or guided imagery to calm your mind as your body drinks in the benefits of the castor oil.
Some holistic doctor’s recommend using your Castor Oil pack 4 days on and then 4 days off until your issue is resolved.
It is only necessary to clean the Castor Pack every couple of weeks. To clean, you simply run it under hot water and wash with a mild soap, and then boil it in a pot to remove the oil residues.
Enjoy the many benefits Castor Oil can bring to your well being.

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