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I am Omizu Joyce Jabofo with Admin no 1524627, have been an employee of Union bank until I received a purported letter of Termination dated the 19th day of April 2013.
Moreover, I was employed in to Union bank on the 20th of February 2006 and posted to the Warri Main Market Branch Office and was later transferred to the Enerhen road branch when I had carrying out my duties with every sense of humour according to the ethics of the bank with care.
Furthermore, I was going my about my normal routine in the Enerhen road branch when my manager sent a Co- staff to call me and I was given a strange letter of termination.
I reacted and asked what did I do to deserve this, he replied by saying my service is no longer required. The letter dated 19thApril. I TAGGED IT FAKE because my name was fraught with so many irregularities ranging from the letter Head to the signature therein.
Attached are the documents for references purpose.
Besides, I never received any email or correspondence from the Head office to commemorate the purported letter of termination as which is the usual custom of Union Bank.
Note: Another thing that amazed me was the statement/ comment my manager Mr. Nwachukwu Charles made is another thing that beats my imagination. I quote; I actually rejected the letter at Zonal Office Asaba and ask them why this lady should be treated this way because she is a hard working staff. This statement/comment was made the moment I was given the letter of termination by my manager in his office. Furthermore, on the 13th of October 2015 I received a text message from Union Bank crediting my account 0016825036 with the customary 13th month salary as usual for all staff of Union Bank.
It was then, it beckoned on me that there is a foul play somewhere. Because there is no way the bank will terminate one’s employment and pay such after 2 years of exit from the said bank, Union Bank to be precise.
Hence, I concluded that the said letter did not originate from the Head Office coupled with the trend of events, the irregularities and inconsistence in signature as well as the 13th month salary.
In the same vein, I decided to pay a visit to Head Office, Lagos on the July, 2016 to clarify if this letter of termination originated from Head Office. My intention was to see the GM. General Manager & the HR. Head of Human Resources but I was deprived from seeing them, I only saw some other staffs who categorically told me that the letter originate from Head Office but I was not convinced left and came back. In fact I was their twice all my effort proof abortive. Is on this note I want the media to come into this matter to unravel everything about this issue for justice to prevail. In fact, because of this same matter I have lost 2 pregnancies.
Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.

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