Saturday, 28 January 2017

Global Youth Leadership Scholarship in

Global Youth Leadership Scholarship in Canada for Youths from Developing Countries 2017.



A limited range of scholarships are available for qualified
candidates accepted to study at Coady Institute. This is made
possible thanks to the financial support of Global Affairs
Canada, as well as individual, institutional and foundat

Personal benefits
Build self-knowledge as the basis of leadership to
facilitate others through change;
Strengthen communication skills which are key to
making an effective case for change;
Learn the theory and principles behind citizen-led and asset-
based approaches and how to integrate these into your work;
Develop facilitation skills and tools to use in various
community development situations;
Strengthen competencies to analyze how different world
views influence development and social change;
Develop values and attitudes that nurture a culture of peace
and non-violence;
Engage in an analysis of the intersectionalities among power,
poverty, health, racism, gender equality and environmental

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