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An Herbal Remedy for Infertility

Fertility Tea
 Use of herbal remedies for infertility is an ancient practice that dates back to 200 AD. Fertility herbs are made from roots, leaves, bark, fruits, and flowers. Fertility herbs have a positive effect on the hormonal system, reproductive organs, and sex drive. These herbs help to balance the hormones and the menstrual cycle. Red clover and raspberry leaf can also help when there are cysts.Whether you are a believer in herbal medicine or not, the facts are undeniable. These herbs can help even after chemical fertility drugs have failed.There are never any risks or side effects to an unborn child. Multiple pregnancies, other than those that naturally occur, are never a problem. Unlike drugs, there are never any signs of birth defects from the use of natural fertility aids.These herbs are like fertilizer for the female body. Pregnancy is a gift from God that can only come from a man and a woman.This tea will help to get your body hormonally tuned and ready to conceive a healthy new child, naturally without drugs or harsh chemicals. They get your body ready to conceive. Creating the perfect breeding ground for conception only makes sense doesn't it? Studies shows that by balancing hormonal levels, your chances of conception can be increased by 3,000%.The female reproductive cycle is completely run by hormones. Without the hormones, conception would not occur. It's no wonder that if any of your key hormones are unbalanced then infertility is the result. Maintaining a balance of this fine-tuned system of glands and hormone excretions is paramount in the act of conception.

Directions for use: Use ¼ cup. Put in a quart canning jar. Fill the jar with boiling water. Screw on a tight lid. Let steep at room temperature overnight (or for at least four hours). Strain through cloth. Store in refrigerator. Drink two to four cups per day hot or cold. Can be sweetened to taste with honey, sugar or sugar substitute.
If you are not already taking a good herb based vitamin, start a good prenatal vitamin when starting this program. All necessary vitamins and minerals are in our Women's Herb Blend...great for use here. There are links between infertility in women and a deficiency in iron. Our Super Iron formula is great!

Red Clover: One of the most popular herbal fertility remedies, it is said to nourish the uterus, relax the nervous system, and balance hormones. It is high in calcium, vitamins, and magnesium. Red clover contains isoflavones (estrogen-like compounds) which promote estrogen production and which may enhance fertility in women and boost estrogen levels in women with estrogen deficiencies. Contains calcium and magnesium which can relax the nervous system and improve fertility. Traditionally, Red Clover has been administered to help restore irregular menses and to balance the acid-alkaline level of the vagina to promote conception. Especially helpful if there is scarring of the Fallopian tubes, irregular menses, abnormal cells in the reproductive tract, or "unexplained" infertility.
Raspberry Leaf: Used to restore a hormonal balance, nourish the uterus, and prevents pregnancy complications. Contains vitamins and minerals including vitamin C and calcium. The alkaloid called fragrine helps tone the uterus and muscles of the pelvic region. A powerful fertility-promoting herb.
Black Cohosh: Beneficial effect on hormone functioning. Also used in the prevention of miscarriage and in the treatment of menopause, it is said to improve hormone functioning due to its phytoestrogens.
Dong Quai: A traditional Chinese fertility herb that is said to help balance estrogen levels and improve the chances of embryo implantation.
Passion flower: Has been used for nervousness and trouble sleeping (insomnia). Helps increase libido.
Peppermint: Used to balance the body systems.Calming yet uplifting. Great flavor.
Stevia: Used to add sweetness without affecting blood sugar levels.

It is not only the woman who affects fertility. If you are wanting a child, join your wife in drinking this Fertility blend. It will only make you both healthier and heal any issues you may have.

OTHERWISE: Fertility Herbs men should consider taking:

Astralagus: Is thought to improve sperm motility and count.
Panax Ginseng: Also called Chinese or Korean ginseng, it is a popular infertility remedy in Chinese medicine, and is believed to increase testosterone levels, sperm count, and sperm motility.
Tribulus: Regulates hormones and increases testosterone.
Saw Palmetto: Commonly used for prostate health,it also seems to increase fertility.

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