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Ebola In Nigeria: How To Protect Yourself And Family – Ebola virus

s now in Nigeria. It is very scary but my readers you don’t have to be afraid. Ebola is very deadly but you don’t have to contract it either.All we need at this time is to be informed and cautious and we all would pull through this. Below is what you need to know Ebola virus and how to protect yourself and your loved ones as well.
1. How Can Someone Contract Ebola Virus Disease?
Someone can get Ebola virus disease by the following:
a. Having contact with someone who is NOTICEABLY sick with the Ebola virus disease
b. Having contact with the body of someone who has died from Ebola virus disease
c. Having contact with animals that carrying the virus – especially fruit bats and monkeys.
2. How Can You Know Someone Has Ebola Virus Disease?
Now, the first and most important thing you would notice is a HIGH and SUDDEN FEVER and then any of these other 3 signs:
a. Stooling excessively (particularly with blood in the stool)
b. There would be vomiting
c. There would be loss of appetite
d. There would be weakness
e. There would be joint and body pain
f. There would be sore throat
with a Health Official if you live in Nigeria. The airtime is free on this number.
a. Don’t go to the church/mosque/prayer house – Simply ask your pastor, imam or spiritual leader to pray for you from where ever they are. You will be saving lives
b. Don’t go anywhere. Stay at home and keep yourself alone away from until the health officials handle your case.
4. How Can You Protect Yourself From Ebola Virus Disease?
a. Always keep a very clean environment
b. Try to wash your hands often daily and avoid unnecessary contact
c. Be at alert. If you notice someone is visibly sick, inform the authorities and avoid such persons.
d. Endeavour to educate everyone around you about Ebola. If the persons around you are educated about the disease, you are safer.
5. Lastly…
There are many false claims going round now. Be very careful!
a. Ebola virus disease was discovered after John G. Lake died. So how could he have cured it when he was already dead?
b. Nobody has been cured or protected from Ebola virus disease by taking bitter kola. If you feel like eating bitter kola, take it but still protect yourself!
c. No one gets protected against viruses by consuming salt and hot water. If it did protect, it would also protect and cure HIV!
6. Please spread the Word
Don’t assume everyone has heard. Tell everyone around you to keep yourself safe! Save and share this message!

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